Monica Brant

Monica Brant is one of the most popular and important fit babe ever to grab a dumbbell. She landed on the cover of Muscle & Fitness in 1994 and has never looked back. In all, she has been featured on the cover of over 100 magzines.

Monica ain’t no city girl. She was raised on a ranch, and has worked with horses her entire life. This encouraged a certain amount of athleticism – she played volleyball and ran track and field. She did not begin lifting weights until around 1991. At that point, she was already winning bikini and modeling contests. After being inspired by Marla Duncan, she entered and won her first fitness competition.

She continued to win contests until she retired from the stage in 1999. But she couldn’t give up the thrill of winning , and was lured back into the competitive fitness world when the IFBB Figure was created.

Monica is married, and lives in Austin Texas. She loves her dogs and continues to be totally immersed in the fitness lifestyle.