Tawna Eubanks

After a brief mention during our recap of the Sacramento Pro, we knew we should give Tawna Eubanks her own post and a more thorough profile. She did, after all, win second place.

Tawna is 5’7″ tall and weighs 120 lbs. Her measurements are 34C-26-34. She does quite a bit of modeling. She has been on the cover of several catalogues, did the cover of Physique magazine, and has even been in Flex and Muscular Development. It’s been interesting watching Tawna transition from fit, to athletic, to muscular. As an IFBB Bikini Pro competitor, she can (and has to) carry quite a bit of muscle on the stage. She does well in the off-season through, camouflaging that with a more mainstream look.

Tawna danced for a number of years, but hung up her dancing shoes in favor of bikini competitions. With her incredible looks and great stage presence, it wasn’t long before she was noticed by a trainer, and she began the long hard road toward her Pro card. She lives in Texas, and has always been a Southern girl. more Tawna Eubanks

2012 Sacramento Pro Bikini

The 2012 Sacramento Pro Bikini contest was held on November 3rd this year.

1st Place Amanda Latona
Sacramento has definitely become a favorite stomping grounds for Amanda Latona. This was the third straight time she has one the event. It started in 2010, so she’s the only lady who has ever one it. Amanda has been on a winning streak lately, and it’s clear she’s taking the sport seriously right now.
Amanda Latona Pic 1Amanda Latona Pic 2

2nd Place Tawna Eubanks
This was Tawna Eubanks’s first year as a pro. The fact that that she placed 3rd at the Houston Pro and 2nd in Sacramento is impressive, and bodes well for her future in Pro Bikini and Fitness.
Tawna Eubanks Pic 1Tawna Eubanks pic 2 more Sacramento Pro results

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

Ahh, back to the ever-popular NFL Cheerleaders topic! We have touched on the New England Patriots, the Carolina Panthers, the San Diego Chargers. But I don’t think we’ve ever mentioned the Washington Redskins, other than when we profiled Janet Lynn West who used to cheer for them.

In addition to some super hot ladies, the Redskins I believe have the distinction of having the longest running cheerleading section. They started in 1962, which is longer than a lot of the NFL teams have even existed. more Redskins Cheerleaders

Veronique Morin Revisited

Since we profiled her two years ago, Veronique Morin has been through a lot. She just landed her 2nd Oxygen Magazine cover. She earned her pro card last year, which isn’t too surprising considering how great she looks and how much she’s progressed. Too bad, guys – she’s been attached and dating her man for about seven years now!

Veronique’s red hair has always earned her plenty of attention. Because she started modeling at a fairly early age, she’s done quite a bit of traveling. She started when she was 14 years old, about 3 years earlier than she started lifting weights. She’s been to Italy, Japan, Australia, pretty much every continent.

Since 2010 when we talked about her last, she has continued to compete:
2011 CBBF National Championships 1st
2011 CBBF Natural Championships 1st
2012 IFBB Toronto Supershow 18th

She says she pretty much always eats clean, and never has much of a problem staying in fantastic shape year-round. more Veronique Morin