Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini

Someone contacts us basically every day asking for more information about Jennifer Nicole Lee. She is tremendously popular for a number of reasons.

1) She looks great
She is hot enough for basically every guy out there to drool over. She stays fit, so she is very inspirational to all the ladies. So yes, Jennifer’s looks play an important role here.

2) Personality
Jennifer has a great personality. Bubbly, positive, intelligent, and genuine. She is a real people person. So many of the fitness models and competitors are introverts. To a certain extent it takes that type of personality to spend so much time in the gym sculpting a body. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t really lend itself to popularity. Meanwhile, you have a gal like Jennifer, who knows no strangers and bedazzles everybody with her smiles and quick wit.

3) Marketing
As we’ve mentioned before, Jennifer is a marketing machine. She has a great website, she does movies, audio casts, lands magazine covers, and publishes guides. Her book on the fitness model diet is tremendously popular. It’s not unusual for her to do bikini calendars, and you can place a sure bet that she get hung up on a few walls. more Jennifer Nicole Lee

Can’t Go Wrong With Jennifer Nicole Lee

First of all, we apologize for the extended absence. We were having server problems, which took awhile to resolve. Once that was fixed, turns out we managed to break the website. Well, not exactly break it, but many of the photo links are broken in hundreds of posts. That’s a real bummer for an audience who *really* comes here for the articles (ahem), but who enjoy looking at the pics too. Over the next little while, we’ll try to get those links fixed, and get everything back up and running full tilt.

Until then, we figure we can’t go wrong by wooing our readers with a little bit of Jennifer Nicole Lee. more Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee and Ab Kissing

Pretty much every time we post on Jennifer Nicole Lee, the website explodes, our phone rings off the hook, cars driving by honk their horns, and marching bands keep us up all night. She is a popular fitness model, and quite a marketing machine. She also knows how to get some publicity. As an example, you can review the photos below. Parading around on a public beach in Miami wearing skimpy bikini bottoms and a wet t-shirt will get anybody noticed. When you look like Jennifer Nicole Lee, well – cue the marching bands.

It’s great to see a lady so comfortable with her body more Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee in the Park

Jennifer Nicole Lee obviously doesn’t mind doing her thing in a public park. She looks great in the gold booty shorts and the tight black sports bra. Those may very well be the largest sunglasses I have ever seen! She is evidently doing some personal training – many of the participants are cropped out of the photos, but you can see a couple of gals in some. She is still the marketing phenom she always was, videos, books, fitness model and fitness competitor classes. more Jennifer Nicole Lee

10 Most Popular Fitness Models

It could be considered a dereliction of duty for us not to cover more fitness models. We know ya’ like ’em, you bug us all the time about why a particular profile isn’t up here on FitBabesBlog, but I swear we try! So with no further ado, we present the 10 Most Popular Fitness Models. Ahem, we are allowed to readjust our opinions at any time.

1) Alicia Marie

Just because we haven’t talked about her here since 2008 doesn’t mean she hasn’t left a lasting impression on us. She has several technical degrees, is fairly tall and goddess-like, and appears on TV shows it seems like every month.
more popular fitness models

Jennifer Nicole Lee Inspires

It’s been awhile since our last look at Jennifer Nicole Lee, so I thought we’d take a refresher. She has turned her website into quite a fitness center, and her “shop” includes all kinds of goodies like audio downloads and posters. She is a very active business woman who celebrates her motherhood and her fabulously fit body. If all moms looked like Jennifer, we’d have plenty of hot babes to look at!

Jennifer Nicole Lee Pic 1Jennifer Nicole Lee Pic 2Jennifer Nicole Lee Pic 3