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Shawn Johnson vs Body Image

Shawn Johnson is the 4’9″ tall fireball who won the gold medal in the balance beam in the 2008 Olympics. She started in gymnastics at the age of three. She was born in 1992, so she was 16 years old when she won her gold medal. Shawn has been in and out of the spotlight […]

Cindy Landolt

Cindy Landolt (real name: Cinderella Landolt) has some of the best abs in the business. Thick, but not unfeminine, vascular, shapely. She spent eleven years training as a gymnast, which have her a very solid foundation for fitness and strength. She got started in weight training because she started squatting, just out of curiosity. She […]

Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is the gymastics babe who won the Gold Medal in 2008 for the balance beam. She has also won several all-around gymnastics championships. She has been in a gymnastics program since she was 3 (she was born in 1992). Shawn is very active and stays very busy doing gymnastics tours, going to school, […]

NCAA Gymnastics Babe

I have always found gymnastics babes to be very sexy. They have power, grace, poise. There’s no question they are serious athletes, the incredible amount of stress they put on their joints and muscles requires a high level of fitness and athleticism. These photos are of an NCAA collegiate gymnast. I don’t know her name, […]