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More of Ana Usategui

We have had a ton of requests for more photos of and info on Ana Usategui.  I don’t think she has her own website yet, but Ana does have a Myspace profile.  She is in her mid-20’s and lives in Miami FL.

Jodi Leigh Miller – Best Butt Award

Jodi Leigh Miller has one of the firmest butts in the business.  She was born in Chicago, but currently lives in Dallas.  She is 4’11”, and only weighs about 100lbs.  She is 35, and has tried everything from bodybuilding to powerlifting.

Catherine Zidell

Catherine or Cathy Zidell is 51 years old, and looks amazing.  She worked as an airline attendant for Southwest for 24 years.  Now she is a personal trainer.

Bernadette Galvan

Bernadette Galvan is an IFBB fitness figure competitor.  I can see why.  Her figure is astounding.  She has excellent taste in spandex and sportswear!  She was born in Texas in 1976.  She has a nursing degree (that’s one hot nurse), but doesn’t use it.

Natalie Raitano

She may have short hair, but she certainly does not look butch.  Natalie Raitano is gorgeous:

Ana Usategui

Ana Usategui is a very rare find.  By rare find I mean it is impossible to find any information about her.  But she is certainly beautiful.

Stacie Sullivan – Not Afraid of Naked

Stacie Sullivan is not afraid to get naked.  Of course we are semi-clean and nearly family oriented here on FitBabesBlog, so we will omit those photos and leave you with other super-fine stuff.

Chelsea Riera – She Has It All

Chelsea Riera has the body, the smile, and the personality to pull just about anything off.  Certainly she can (and does) swing a modeling career.  She is a 34D-24-34, 5’6″, and 124 lbs.  Did we mention she is a redhead?

Julie Marsland – Muscular Fit Model

Julie Marsland is 5’10” and 145 lbs.  That’s a tall drink of water, and she is rather skinny.  Very pretty face and smile, she could obviously be a model regardless of her muscle quantity. She is another Canadian – do all hot muscular chicks come from Canada? She is a dancer, flight attendant, model, and […]

Natalie Neidhart – Blonde and Muscular

Natalie Neidhart is waaay sexy.  As far as muscular women go, she isn’t the biggest or the most ripped.  But wow she has that sultry “would you like to make love to me” look.  She is 5’6″, 120lbs.  She is from Canada.  Believe it or not, she is a professional wrestler.