MaryJo Cooke

MaryJo Cooke has been doing well in competitions the last few years. She is working on a PhD in Education, already has a Master’s degree, and who knows how she finds time to workout. She teaches Junior High Phys Ed, and trust me she looks absolutely nothing like my old Jr High teacher. I’m not sure how she deals with all the pre-pubescent boys looking up pictures of her on the internet wearing thongs and g-strings, but I’m sure she has the muscle to do it on her own. Um, note she has veins in her abs.

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Lina Jade

I can’t imagine a world in which a babe like Lina Jade couldn’t make a living modeling. She comes from Australia, but currently lives in Los Angeles. She is a WBFF Fitness Pro, and has been kicking booty ever since she started competing in 2004. She has an amazing stage presence that is helped out in no small part by her very sexy, sultry looks, as well as her extensive background in dance and gymnastics. Her personal motto is “don’t try to blend in when you were born to stand out.” Stand out she does!

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Jody Wald

Jody Wald is about one zillion pounds of muscle stuffed into a very compact package. Jody was raised in Canada, and has a degree in accounting and an MBA. She is obviously more of a true bodybuilder. She started consistently lifting back in 2002, and has been winning contests every since. In 2008, she place 1st in the North American Bodybuilding Championships in the light heavyweight category.

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Pamela Ann Jones

Pamela Ann Jones is from the Dallas/Forth Worth area in Texas. She is a figure/bikini competitor. She stands 5’4″ tall, weighs about 110 lbs, and measures about 34C-23-34. There really isn’t that much info out there and available on Pamela, but I know she has some mighty fine abs, rocks the blonde look, and also does some risque poses and modelling on occasion.

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Annie Transka

Annie Transka is a 31 year old figure competitor from Rockville Maryland. She is 5’2″ and about 101 lbs. Her measurements are a tight 31-24-31. She always seems to be in fantastic condition, and has a very sultry look with her brown eyes and brunette hair. I think she is of Bulgarian descent.

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Tiffini Mann

Tiffani Mann is a 24 year old blonde bombshell from Massachusetts. She is currently an IFPA Figure Pro. She is 5’2″ tall, and weighs 105 lbs. Her measurements are 34-22-32. Tiffani has the kind of body that attracts a lot of attention, she clearly works hard to stay in shape.

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Elena Shportun

Don’t ask me how to say her name, but Elena Shportun brings new heights to classy posing. Her body is jam-packed with muscle, and she is a real beauty. She has an extremely athletic background:
artistic gymnastics
cross-country skiing
Elena has incredibly well-developed legs.

Elena considers herself to be very artistic, and even enjoys designing and making her own suits she wears on stage.

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