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Kira Forster

Kira Forster is a former ballerina who transitioned to fitness when she quit ballet. She is 5’7″ tall and weighs 135 lbs. Her measurements are 33-25-33. She is 26 years old and lives in Calgary Canada. She has a very active modeling career, but her “day” job is bartending. She has only been training for […]

Mavi Gioia

Known as Mavi Gioia, this babe’s real name is Maria Vincenza Gioia. She was born in 1977 in Mesagne Italy, but currently lives in the Republic of San Marino. She is about 5’3″ tall and weighs 134 lbs. In 2008, she was the overall winner of the Excalibur Bodybuilding and Figure Championships. She competed in […]

Miryah Scott

Miryah Scott won the Pro Diva Fitness Model World Championship in 2009. She is currently sponsored by EAS and does a lot of promotional work for companies and websites. She concentrates a lot on nutrition, and is a personal trainer. She was featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine, partly because she smoking hot, and […]

Sara Dusendang

Sara Dusendang is not our typical Fitness Babe. She won quite a bit of notoriety as a teen when she won the Miss Michigan Teen and made it to the top 5 at the Miss Teen USA Pageant in 1999. As a kid in Michigan, she grew up on a farm doing bunches of chores, […]

Isabelle Harnois

Isabelle Harnois is an attractive blonde fitness babe who has had some competitive success lately. She recently won the Women’s Pro Figure category at the 2009 IDFA Canadian Classic and Pro Universe. Isabelle is 37 years old. She has an extremely well rounded physique, and seems to be able to cut weight without getting stringy-looking […]

Amelia Powers

Amelia Powers is a fitness competitor who seems to improve steadily every year. She has been bodybuilding and competing in her home country of Peru since 1990. She most recently won the Figure Universe Championship in Miami in 2009 as a medium class contestant. Amelia has those full muscle bellies and deep cuts that only […]