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Laurie Steele

Laurie Steele is a big, muscular girl.  She does not mess around.  I’m guessing she eats big, lifts big, and gets big.  She is 5’6″ and about 160 lbs. Female bodybuilders are a breed apart!

Kim Loan

Kim Loan is a gorgeous blue-eyed Asian fitness model.  Beautiful sleepy-eyed face and very tight body.

Jamie Eason

Such a cute fit lady, Jamie Eason clearly has been lifting weights and workout out her whole life.

Lisa Bickels

Lisa Bickels is a nice looking blonde bodybuilder. Her website is

Marzia Prince

I do not know very much about this fitness babe, but her name is Marzia Prince, and she is just starting up her own website

Rachel McLish at Award Show

Rachel McLish is an institution to the fitness babe industry. Did she start women’s fitness? I guess not. But she might as well have. I think she is in her 40’s now, maybe 50’s? She is aging, but aging gracefully and beautifully. And look at those muscles!

Arina Manta

Arina Manta’s website is pretty hip. Problem is, it doesn’t tell me anything about her!  

College Cheerleaders

Here are a few cute college cheerleaders…