Volleyball Babe

Volleyball babes hold a special place in my heart. They get out in the warm sun and strut their stuff in skimpy outfits, risking rough tumbles and fast serves. I’m certainly no couch potato, but sitting out in the hot sun sweating my brains out with sand stuck in my you-know-what isn’t my idea of a sport. But when it comes to women’s volleyball, and especially when they come dressed in little teeny briefs and tight sports bras, well I’ll make an exception. In fact, the closer I can get to the action the better!

Volleyball is apparently one of the most popular sports in America, with approx 29 million people playing every year. The FIVB (Federation of International Volleyball) is supposedly the largest international federation in the world.

Beach volleyball
sort of grew up and cut its teeth in America and Brazil. It has grown too, with teams from all over the world battling fiercely to win seats on Olympic teams. Coed volleyball is a big deal too (generally only indoor), but don’t worry I’ll spare you photos of dudes in their marble pouches 🙂 vball pics

Taylor Methany

We are all huge suckers for blonde haired, blue eyed babes with perfect bodies. Taylor Methany sort of reinforces this genetic trait because she fits the bill without exceptions. Taylor is a national bikini competitor. She is also a popular fitness model, knocking it out of the park on bikini shoots, lingerie shoots, pretty much any time a camera is pointed at her.

She has well-defined arms and delts, and her legs have great symmetry and size with just the right amount of definition. Her abs get lots of attention and there is a reason for that. Fitness models and competitors who have great abs all seem to have gone through the “ab cycle.” Usually they at some point spent 2 hours a day on their abs doing every type of core exercise, crunch, and ab blaster you’ve ever heard about. more Taylor Methany

Rachelle Cannon

Rachelle Cannon (not related to Shelly Cannon) is known as the Queen of Quads. Based on the photos below, I believe you’ll find ample evidence of why the nickname has stuck. Rachelle developed those legs in part due to her mastery of Track & Field. She was also involved in competitive swimming, and many forms of dancing (tap, jazz, ballet, modern).

Her brain may be as big as her quadriceps. She has a BS in Political Science, a MS in Health and Fitness Management, and she is a certified physical fitness specialist. Rachelle spent 5 years in the US Coast Guard as a commissioned officer, and she has been working as a personal trainer for several years now. She is 36 years old, and didn’t start this competitive bodybuilding effort until 1998. more Rachelle Cannon

Randalene Sergent

Randalene Sergent is a former track and field star from University of Georgia. No wacky comments about pole vaulters being able to handle a big stick please! She also has a gymnastics background, which always seems to help in fitness and figure competitions. That always seems to be associated with a certain level of athleticism and fitness, and generally yields a certain body type to go with it. Randalene is about 5’5″ tall and 112 lbs. She is 29 years old, and measures 33C-24-33. I think she currently lives in Vegas. She seems to do really well as a fitness model – those green eyes match up well with her blonde hair and fabulous body and complexion.