Veronique Morin Revisited

Since we profiled her two years ago, Veronique Morin has been through a lot. She just landed her 2nd Oxygen Magazine cover. She earned her pro card last year, which isn’t too surprising considering how great she looks and how much she’s progressed. Too bad, guys – she’s been attached and dating her man for about seven years now!

Veronique’s red hair has always earned her plenty of attention. Because she started modeling at a fairly early age, she’s done quite a bit of traveling. She started when she was 14 years old, about 3 years earlier than she started lifting weights. She’s been to Italy, Japan, Australia, pretty much every continent.

Since 2010 when we talked about her last, she has continued to compete:
2011 CBBF National Championships 1st
2011 CBBF Natural Championships 1st
2012 IFBB Toronto Supershow 18th

She says she pretty much always eats clean, and never has much of a problem staying in fantastic shape year-round. more Veronique Morin

Swann Cardot

In addition to an unforgettable name, Swann Cardot is known for an amazing body. She started out as a dancer in Paris, then moved to Belgium. She trained in jazz, latin, contemporary, and ballet. You should go ahead and stipulate that she knows more about dancing than 99% of the rest of the general population.

Over the course of studying dance for several years, and doing her best to keep her body fit and healthy, Swann was drawn into women’s bodybuilding and fitness. She is now a figure competitor, and a personal trainer. And of course, once a dancer always a dancer.

Swann took 1st place in the 2011 NPC Bev Fancis Atlantic States. She followed that up with a 1st place finish in thte 2011 NPC Europa Battle of Champions. Not to be outdone, she then won first in the 2011 NPC East Coast. Then 1st in the 2011 NPC Eastern USA. Finally she “faltered” if you want to call it that, by placing 3rd in the 2012 Arnold Amateur. more Swann Cardot

Monique Gantt

Monique Gantt is a very exotic fitness model and competitor from New Orleans. Although she grew up in the States, English was her second language. With four brothers and sisters, Monique always had somebody to romp around and play with as a child. Even now she gets along wonderfully with her siblings. She was always very athletic and involved herself in sports and dancing. She began working at a gym in high school. That’s where she was introduced to working out and lifting weights. She fell in love with it then, and has practiced that type of lifestyle ever since.

Monique is 5’6″ tall and weighs about 135 lbs. She is only 22 years old. As you’ll see in these photos, Monique is capable of completely transforming her physique when she competes. It’s not that she looks soft or bad when she’s not contest-ready. In fact she looks great. But the difference between her off-season and on-season look is dramatic. Those abs of hers are just striking when she walks across the stage. more Monique Gantt

Andressa Vieira

Speaking of amazing abs – Andressa Vieira has some of the best in the business. This Brazilian babe is 26 years old, five feet five inches tall, and weighs about 125 lbs in the off-season. She is a figure competitor, but as you can see she has enough muscle mass to easily switch over to bodybuilding. Her abs are simply stunning. This lady doesn’t have a six-pack, she has a 12 or 14-pack. When she is in ripped condition, they are even vascular, which as you all know is nearly impossible for females to attain. Even in the off-season with slightly higher bodyfat levels, Andressa’s abdominals are extremely well defined and nearly perfect. more Andress Vieira

April Venture

April Venture started working out after the birth of child number one. She had always been a fan of bodybuilders, and it tickled her fancy to get compliments on the way she looked from fitness competitors and bodybuilders. It wasn’t long before kid number two came around, and it was common sense that April would go back to training and get right into shape.

April is 5’1″ tall, about 115 lbs, and in her late 20’s. She is a southern gal from North Carolina. She started competing in NPC figure contests, and aspires to move on to the lightweight women’s bodybuilding. I haven’t seen anything recent from her. I know she was active in 2009 and 2010, but either she has been sitting out the competitions or I have just been missing her since then. more April Venture

Jaimie Bernhardt

Hailing from Ohio, they don’t come much hotter than fitness model Jaimie Bernhardt. She is 5’6″ tall, weighs 125 lbs, and measures 34C-24-36. Sometimes Jaimie is blonde, sometimes she is brunette, it just depends on what she feels like doing on any given day. I’m betting you like the way she looks either way!

She started lifting weights and training in 2007. She happened to get invited to watch the Arnold Classic that year, and while she was at the show, a company asked her if she would be interested in being a spokesmodel for them. You know how some girls can walk into a crowded room and every head turns to them? That’s Jaimie. more Jaimie Bernhardt

Olya Haidner

By looking at those impossibly perfect abs, you would never guess Olya Haidner is a mom. Things got pretty much out of control during both of her pregnancies, and she gained fifty pounds both times. She was always active as a child and young adult. Olya was actually a professional ballroom dancer at one point, which obviously places some very unique physical demands on the body. So this gave her a good solid base to work with when it came time for losing weight.

Olya ended up in the gym, hoping to drop some weight and get back into shape after having her kids. When she got a good look at some of the fitness competitors in her gym, she was encouraged to continue. She ended up losing the weight and getting into the best shape of her life. She felt better about herself, more confident, more energetic, more positive. see Olya Haidner

Ashley Hanna

Ashley Hanna is a 28 year old from Norman Oklahoma. She has two sons who like to keep her on her toes. She runs a personal training studio, and also competes in the NPC as a figure athlete. She is 5’6″ tall, and weighs 128 lbs. Her measurements are 36D-25-36.

Looking at Ashley’s incredibly tiny waist and very trim abs, you can tell she is very disciplined when it comes to her diet. Abs like these don’t come about from contest dieting, they are cultivated from years of small portions and the right food/exercise balance. more Ashley Hanna

Nicoleta Chiorean

As a former Ms. Figure Ireland, Nicoleta Chiorean has the looks and the body to earn a few trophies. She grew up in Romania, and participated in basketball and tennis. Her husband was always into bodybuilding and enjoyed watching fitness competitions. After he took Nicoleta to one in 2005, she became interested and started training. She won the NAABA Ms Ireland in 2006 after training for only 12 months. She also placed 8th at the Ms Universe that year.

Nicoleta is an expert in nutrition, and has gone to school to study that topic, as well as sports psychology and kinesiology. She loves working with people of all different capabilities as a personal trainer.

She is 5’3″ tall. Her weight varies between 125 lbs off-season, to 105 lbs (contest weight). more Nicoleta