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Laura Michelle Prestin

Laura Michelle Prestin is a 23 year old babe hailing from Toronto Ontario. She is 5’7″ tall, weighs 120 lbs, with measurements of 34-23-35. She is half Egyptian, which helps to explain her exotic looks. She is currently a student and certified personal trainer. She was formerly competitive in women’s soccer. She won Miss Toronto […]

Stacey Walker

Stacey Walker is a blonde Australian goddess who used to love tennis. Now, as we can tell, she loves lifting weights and working out. She is a figure competitor and hopes to eventually enter the IFBB. She is 26 years old. She is considering signing a contract to endorse an Australian brand of supplements.

Vanessa van Overmeer

Twenty-six year old Vanessa van Overmeer is from Redondo Beach, California. She is a fitness model and personal trainer. She is also the sales rep and marketing manager for a new line of products. She is 5’3″ and 128 lbs. She considers herself an expert at dieting and loves bikini modeling.

Timea Majorova – Major Babe

Timea Majorova has been around for awhile. She landed in the US in 1996, but was tearing up fitness competitions in Europe long before that. She grew up in Slovakian and has been trained as a physical therapist. She was voted the most popular fitness model in 2000 by readers of Flex magazine. She is […]

Monica Brant is Perfect

After who knows how many years online, it came to my attention today that we’ve failed to ever write an entry about Ms. Perfection Personified – Monica Brant. So we fixed that. Monica is to women’s fitness as q-tips are to cotton swabs. She has been competing since 1991 (where she won 1st place in […]

Michelle Bishop Keeps Going

Michelle Bishop is still at it. We talked about her back in Feb of 2007, and we’re closing in on two years gone by now! Although she hasn’t competed since 2007 when she placed 16th in the USA Figure D Class, her fitness modeling career has really accelerated. She did a commercial shoot with Duncan […]

Kim Kardashian Fitness

Yes, Kim Kardashian is known more for her round booty and her TV show than her fitness techniques. But her recent appearance on Dancing with the Stars not only prompted her to get in better shape, it has given her a chance to show off a body that is toned and ssssmokin hot. It’s okay […]

Holly Powell

Holly Powell is a hot figure competitor who has been married for two years. She has two kids. She says “fight hunger and conquer your weakness.” I have quite a few weaknesses, one of which is not fighting my hunger. Holly is one of the hot ladies who pose for SheMuscle. She looks gorgeous, and […]

Erin Marie Riley

Erin Marie Riley is an IFBB Fitness Pro. She recently placed 10th at the 2008 Ms. Olympia Fitness. A little example video of what she goes through to get conditioned for her contests is below. This was just before she was in the Houston Pro.

Kavvy Sonhos

Kavvy Sonhos is a former world record holder in the deadlift. I don’t know how much she hit, but she looks pretty strong. And hot. She lives in Jupiter Florida and she’s 30 years old. She is 5’7″, 135 lbs, and her measurements are 43-25-34. She looks to have very powerful hips.