Melissa Anne Marx

Melissa Anne Marx is a 31 year old NPC Bikini Competitor from Scottsdale Arizona. She’s known for having perfect skin and very little bodyfat. Melissa is currently engaged to be married. There are a few topless pics of her floating around out there, and I’m sure you noticed she is sort of well endowed, but alas we need to keep it clean ladies and gents.

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Gina Carano

Gina Carano, known as Crush on American Gladiators, is MMA’s most famous female fighter. She stands 5’8″ tall and weighs a hefty 143 lbs. Born in Texas to a father who was a player for the NFL, she played basketball, volleyball, and softball. Gina graduated from college with a degree in psychology. Although she was defeated by Cristiane Santos, Gina remains the most talked about fighter in the game… possibly because she is smoking hot.

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Caroline Bergeron

Caroline Bergeron is a bartender and professional fitness competitor. She is 31 years old and loves to mountain bike and hike. She is married and lives in Canada. She is studying to be a personal trainer.

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Kortney Olson

Kortney Olson is a 27 year old from San Francisco California. She is 5’7″ tall and a solid 145 lbs. Her arms are bigger than your legs. She says that she’s part native american and loves working out. I can’t find out very much biographical info, but Kortney (aka KO) says she is building her own website as well as her body, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Our interview with Kortney Olson

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Ahlisha Newton

Alisha Newton is a smoking hot fitness competitor from the great state of Texas. It took me awhile to write this post because I was hypnotized by this 5’6″, 128lb babe’s green eyes. She also does quite a bit of modeling, some of it even uh um nude, but ya’ll know I gotta’ keep it clean. Well, mostly clean. 🙂 Her ultimate goal is to open a private training facility for elite athletes. Ahlisha is 28 years old.

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Sasha Porshnikoff

Alexandra Porshnikoff (also known as Sasha Porshnikoff or Mikiko) is a 36 year old fitness competitor and model out of San Francisco California. She currently works as an executive assistant at Yahoo. After having a daughter at 19, Sasha got a little chubby and was unhappy with her body. She eventually got into the gym and tied together fitness activities with proper nutrition to get into the amazing shape you see today. If you check out the video, you may see a few veins popping out in her arms. Dang, this girl is fit – muscular, ripped, beautiful. A true 10. I would love for her to be my executive assistant, except I need to get promoted to executive first.

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Naomi Gibbins

Naomi Gibbins was born in England and has had many lives. She started at as a student, turned herself into a chef, then went into web design. She currently lives in Sydney Australia. She works as a sports massage therapist and as a personal trainer. She’s always been athletic, and competes as an outrigger canoer. She has competed in about seven figure competitions so far, and has done well for herself.

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Ivana Matuskova

Ivana Matuskova is a sultry Slovakian. She was one of the competitors in the 2008 Ms. Fitness competition. She says she loves sports, music, and photography. She is 5’5″ tall and weighs about 123 lbs. She seems to have a thing for posing in latex or shiny and stretchy bodysuits. Looks like she works pretty hard on that body, she appears to be in great shape.

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Leonela Waltrick

Leonela Waltrick is a gorgeous fitness model who currently lives in California. She was born in Brazil, and even as a child Leonela participated in local and national beauty pageants. She is a former professional volleyball player, and her body reflects the incredible amount of natural talent and genetics. She spends part of her time working with others as a personal trainer.

Leonela is 5’8″, 134 lbs, with hazel eyes and dark hair.

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