Kristal Martin

Sometimes I run across a lady with a bio or profile that reads so wacky and exotic, it almost seems fake. I don’t make up the news, ladies and gents, I just pass it on. So don’t accuse me of doctoring the data if I tell you Kristal Martin is 5’8″, weighs 135 lbs, measures 34D-25-35, and works in construction. She recently starred on Howard Stern’s Bowling Beauties, and she has won her fair share of NPC Figure competitions. She used to be an English teacher, which certainly makes me think of that song… hot for teacher.

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Brooke Griffin

Brooke Griffin is like a dang barbie doll (except with mongo abs). She’s been in GQ, Oxygen, American Cheerleader Magazine. She was the Captain of the NFL’s cheerleading squad for the Cincinnati Bengals. She placed 7th in the 2005 World Championships of Fitness. And she makes me stare, moan, and daydream.

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Carla Gutierrez

Carla Gutierrez is everywhere. She is 3rd overall in Canada for Figure and she was the overall winner in British Columbia. She just competed in the Flex bikini contest, and she was interviewed in Muscular Development Magazine. Carla is Latina and 31 years old. She has quite a figure.

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Carmen Dura

Carmen Dura is a personal trainer and owner of The Training Curve. She is 5’2″ tall, weighs 114 lbs, and has blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. I don’t know very much about Carmen’s background, but based on her strong legs I’m guessing she was a dancer or gymnast of some type in her “former life.” Wow, what a beauty.

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