FBB Fitness Model – Nicole

Well it is immensely disappointing to see such a hot babe in such a terrible jersey. Who the heck could pull for the Minnesota Vikings? I guess this is forgivable, maybe Nicole has a long-lost Uncle who played for the Vikings 27 years ago. Or maybe on the way to the photoshoot a waitress spilled something on her *real* jersey, and she had to go to the backup which is normally used to dust the dash on her car? But the Culpepper thing is just intolerable. Talk about a disappointment. I don’t know anything about his salary, but Culpepper has to be the most overpaid NFL player ever. He only completed about 2 games in his whole career before he was sidelined with injuries and recovery from surgery. And let’s use the term “completed” loosely, since he was mainly known for dropping the ball and throwing interceptions. more Nicole

FBB Fitness Model – Tracy

Tracy started out in real estate, but it didn’t take her long to set out on her own as a fitness model. She could be a professional gamer – she claims she can whup just about anybody’s hiney in various video games. She definitely capitalizes on her looks, earning extra cashola balancing beer and swinging wings in everybody’s favorite family restaurant (Hooters). When asked why somebody with legs as hot and perfect as hers has to wear those hideous hose to be a server there, Tracy just laughs it off and says some guys dig it.

Tracy is very down to earth and silly. One minute she’s bouncing around like a gazelle, the next minute she’s puckering her face up into a weird look and telling a joke. She says she watches what she eats, but isn’t terribly strict and lacks the discipline she sees in many fitness models when it comes to regular workouts. Obviously, her body doesn’t give any hint of this, but we can blame some phenomenal genetics. A dedicated Tracy would probably take the competitive fitness industry by storm.

FBB Fitness Model – Lynn

Lynn is an athlete with years of experience in fitness modeling. She has a glamorous poise that seems to fit her physique perfectly. As you’ll read in the interview below, she has suffered a number of injuries playing competitive sports. With flawless skin, glacier white teeth, and eyes that seem to tell a million stories, we think her talent will continue to push her up the ranks of fitness models out there.

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Hi Lynn. Tell us about yourself, give us a little background.

Well, I’m 25 years old. I’m about 5’6″ tall and weigh about 110 lbs on a good day. I’m pretty curvy, I go 34D-24-35. I grew up in New York, but I moved around a lot.

Any siblings?

I have 2 brothers, and we’re all pretty close.

Were you athletic growing up? How did you get into fitness modeling?

Oh yeah. I’ve always been super-active and athletic. You name it – gymnastics, cheerleading, softball, volleyball, golf, ultimate frisbee, even surfing.

You mentioned injuries, and I see a few souvenir scars. What’s the scoop?

I was a competitive gymnast. Gymnastics is pretty hard on your body, it and cheerleading have a pretty high rate of injuries. I broke my elbow and ended up having surgery. At 5’6″, almost 5’7″, I was close to being too tall for the sport, so I never went back. I’m not one to sit around though – I loved to dance so I ended up on some dance teams and doing cheerleading. I went to college on a cheerleading scholarship, but my streak of good luck continued and I blew out my knee.

Wow, you are a surgeon’s dream. Somebody retired off you. Do the injuries still bother you?

Some days. I try not to let stuff slow me down. I’m really into P90X these days. I workout 6 days per week for 60-90 minutes per session. I bet I can do more pullups than you! lol

Uh, hey it’s not nice to pick on the interviewer. Who do you look up to?

I look up to any model or actress who was a nobody and became a somebody because of their talent instead of because of who they know. One of my favorites isn’t a fitness model, it’s Ellen Degeneres. She loves to help people and make them laugh. Laughter is the most important thing on my to-do list every day!

I saw you rocking out with your Ipod. What type of music do you listen to?

My top 3 favorites when I’m working out are:
Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
Taylor Swift and Boys Like Girls – Two Is Better Than One
Train – Hey Soul sister

FBB Fitness Model – Jen

Here is an introduction to Jen, our newest Fitness Model here at FBB. You may be seeing more of her in an Ironman Triathlon one day. Or would that be Ironwoman? Either way, this girl trains hard and it shows. Click through to the interview to find out more about her.

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Tell us about yourself – the basics. Age, height, weight. Where’d you grow up? Brothers, sisters, married, single?

Height: 5’8
Weight: 125lb
Born in toronto, canada..raised in texas…lived in SC for 7 years
1 brother—> 20 in august

Athletic history – how did you get into your current fitness lifestyle? Were you athletic or active growing up? What organized or individual sports have you played? What are your favorite sports?

I have always been an active person. I played sports as a child and danced all through high school and college. I’ve been working out at the gym since I was 13. I like several sports: basketball, skating, running, swimming, biking, dancing, soccer, football.

Describe your current fitness routine. What kind of activities, exercise, frequency, intensity? What’s your diet like? Do you take any vitamins or supplements? Does this vary day by day, week by week, seasonally?

-weight training, swimming, biking, spinning, running, kickboxing/turbo kick (high intensity)
– i train every day….a “light day” may include ONLY a 3 mile run (typically once a week)….a more heavy training day would be a long run like 12 miles or a short/several workouts such as 15 minute swim, 15 min sprint, and a spin class which typically burns about 800 calories but it’s only an hour and a half in length
-my diet varies…as i am getting older I am trying to eat healthier. I try to eat food that will allow me to have more endurance since I am training for an ironman.

read the rest of our interview with Jen

FBB Fitness Model Jessica – Interview

Our interview with Jessica:

Tell us about yourself – the basics. Age, height, weight, measurements. Where’d you grow up? Brothers, sisters, married, single?

20 years old, 5’4” tall, 105lbs, 32-24-33, I grew up in a small town in North Carolina. I have 2 brothers and a twin and I am single.

Athletic history – how did you get into your current fitness lifestyle? Were you athletic or active growing up? What organized or individual sports have you played? What are your favorite sports? Continue reading “FBB Fitness Model Jessica – Interview”

FBB Fitness Model – Jessica

Jessica is a former track star who is branching out into fitness modeling. She has strong, smooth legs, and cute little freckles. I think this girl has bigger triceps than I do, and we all know I am a Male Adonis (ahem). She is currently a college student, so being a fitness model is just a part time gig when she has the free time and the opportunity. Jessica still enjoys running with ferocious intensity, and weight training. Those green eyes are meant to hypnotize, and her measurements (32-24-33) suggest she’s in the game to play hard!

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