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NFL Cheerleaders – A Comprehensive Guide

History of Cheerleading in the NFL The first NFL cheerleading squad appeared in 1954. It belonged to the Baltimore Colts. They were actually part of a marching band, so they looked a bit different than the squads we see today. So we have to give credit to the Colts for being the first. But it […]

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

Ahh, back to the ever-popular NFL Cheerleaders topic! We have touched on the New England Patriots, the Carolina Panthers, the San Diego Chargers. But I don’t think we’ve ever mentioned the Washington Redskins, other than when we profiled Janet Lynn West who used to cheer for them. In addition to some super hot ladies, the […]

New England Patriots Cheerleaders

Apparently, we were so sure the New England Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl, that we put together a montage of their famous cheerleaders. Ha-ha, the joke is on us. But in thinking about it, we have decided most of you really don’t necessarily care who the cheerleaders play for, you’re just ready […]

Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders

We should start the year off on the right foot by doing an in-depth study of everybody’s favorite NFL Cheerleaders – the Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders. They are known as the Topcats, and they always cheer at the Bank of America Stadium when the Panthers play. There are 25 ladies, and they range in age from […]

NFL Cheerleaders

We wanted to start the month of December off on the right foot with a whole bunch of photos of NFL cheerleaders. Winter is upon us, it’s football season, and what better time than to look out on the field and see these dazzling beauties flashing their pearly whites at us and entertaining for all […]

More Charger Cheer

A fer more Charger cheerleader shots…

Chargers Cheerleaders

Here are a few SI photos of the San Diego Chargers cheerleaders.

NFL Cheerleaders

Here are the professional cheerleaders of the Tamp Bay Buccaneers…