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Stacy Cox Has it Going On

We do not have very much info on Stacy Cox the fitness chick.  If you can contribute, give us a shout or post up a comment.

Penny Price – Fit Babe Extraordinaire

Penny Price was super-hot back in the 90’s (or was it 80’s).  She did a number of posters, some of which are shown below.  She was a bodybuilder before women’s fitness competitions became popular.  She seems to have disappeared from public view since those days.

Return to Lisa Bickels

We discussed Lisa Bickels before.  Apparently, she was in the Marine Corps, was born in 1978, stands 5’3″, weighs 130lbs in the off-season, and currently lives in San Diego.

Christine Roth

Pro bodybuilder Christine Roth is from Ontario Canada.  She is known for entering competitions with paper-thin skin in ripped condition with very little bodyfat.

Trish Stratus – Wrestling Babe

I’m not sure how we could get this far without a post about WWE Diva Trish Stratus.

Alphie Newman

Alphie Newman was known as a heroically powerful lifter as a teenager.  She seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.  Her are a few photos of her…

Alessandra Settembre

Alessandra Settembre is a blonde Italian female bodybuilder who stands 5’4″ and weighs in for contests around 150lbs.  She was born in 1971.

Michelle Bishop

Michelle Bishop is an NPC figure competitor.  Michelle is now 28, and grew up in Virginia.  She may look like an ultimate hottie now, but at one time she was a chubby college student who ate herself up to 170lbs.  She got where she is today through serious lifestyle changes and a lot of hard […]