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Alicia Marie

Whoa dang, Alicia Marie is setting our boots on fire. She looks like a very fit and dark-skinned Pamela Anderson. She is currently on the MTV show SuperMade as resident fitness expert. She recently started her own fitness related company. She won the Ms. Muscle and Fitness 2006, and has been on pretty much every […]

American Gladiator Babes

I caught the end of one of the American Gladiators shows the other night, and decided I needed to post some of that action up here on the blog. I started out with Phoenix (Jennifer Winderstrom). There will be more that follow. Watching the show in HD on a nice big TV rocked. The ladies […]

May Maung

May Maung is figure competitor originally from Burma who now lives in Oklahoma. She is 5’4″, weighs 115 lbs, and has 34/24/34 measurements. She says her legs are her strongest bodypart, and I can’t say I would disagree with her. Ever see that James Bond movie where the villaness strangles people with her thighs? I […]

Neely Tartaglia

Neely Tartaglia is a personal trainer who was born in San Luis Obispo CA in 1980. Neely had a gymnastics background before getting into weight lifting. She stands 5’3″, weighs 115 in-season, and measures 35/26/35. Her favorite exercise is the shoulder press.

Nicole Cassany

Nicole Cassany is a drop-dead, 10+ babe who is circulating her fine self around the fitness webs these days. She says she’s from Miami Florida and Malibu CA, which maybe hard to understand. I don’t know if she competes but she is winning my heart so… here’s a post asking for more info!

More Nena Cortex

I received a few emails about our previous post on Nena Cortes. Apparently everybody wants more of her! Her body is just crazy – curvy yet super lean with Barbie-like proportions. Please enjoy!

Amanda Latona

Amanda Latona won a model search contest in 2007, and it seems like her career has really taken off. She live in Las Vegas, but travels the country – and in some cases the world – pursuing her new career. She has always aspired to the entertainment industry and seems to be very happy.

Vanda Hadarean

Vanda Hadarean started out as a Romanian gymast, and has turned herself into a stunningly beautiful fitness competitor. She is a full time gynastics coach, and also trains other fitness competitors. She is obviously advancing her career as a model, beauty like Vanda’s is rare!

Petra Korkiakangas

Black hair and blue eyes might get you going, but triceps like these might keep you going! Petra Korkiakangas is a fit babe that really stays ripped.