Dana Linn Bailey

One of our new favorites here at FBB is Dana Linn Bailey. She grew up a major jock, involved in as many sports as she could manage. She was a soccer star in college, but once she graduated that left a big hole in her life. If you were an avid school athlete you know how this goes. Always at some kind of practice, always headed to a game or a meet, always with some coach bellowing or cajoling. And then poof, one day it’s gone and it’s quiet and it seems like you have nothing to do. So she started going to the gym and lifting weights with her boyfriend, and that blossomed into what it is today. Dana loves lifting hard and heavy. This ain’t not girly-girl, she is out to move some weight and snarl and shout while she’s doing it. Really it’s Dana Linn’s personality — which is prominently on display any time she does interviews or videos — that keeps us coming back for more. Her body is tough as nails, and she has a cute pixie face and haircut, but it’s that personality that’s so fun and rotten and bigger than life. Dana also does some personal training, and owns a clothing company.

Dana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey pic