Amber Elizabeth

Amber Elizabeth seems like one of the most photographed fitness models in the industry. She’s been on the cover of Oxygen Magazine three different times. She has worked with some of the best photographers out there, including Mike Byerly, Paul Buceta, and Joe Morahan. Part of the reason she’s such a popular model is because she’s drop-dead gorgeous and always perfectly fit. Another reason is because she’s sort of controversial. She happens to be a lesbian, and occasionally does interviews with various women’s lib magazines or lesbian websites. Oh, and did I mention she plays Lingerie Football? She plays for the Los Angeles Temptation, a team that is aptly named because wow they are 100% smoking hot. more Amber Elizabeth

Hot Football Babes

Since we have some international readers, I suppose I should clarify that we’re talking about *american* football. Why they call American football “football” when you actually play it mainly with your hands is beyond me. But I digress – you are here to see the babes. Try these ladies on for size. Everybody loves football, and as you can see when you pick up a ball it’s bound to put a smile on your face! hot football babes

Erin Marie Garrett

Some people can apparently do it all. Erin Marie Garrett is one of those gals. She happens to be a defensive end for the Dallas Desire Lingerie Football League team. She has worked as a television broadcaster for TWC in Texas. Erin’s voice is sexy enough to land her a spot on radio stations promoting a motocross tour. She’s been in commercials for New Balance, Ironman Fitness, Muscle Milk, and others. She won two Europa NPC trophies, won the Miss Florida Fitness competition in 1999, and Miss Southern Fitness too. She is a dancer, vocalist, choreographer, whew gets me tired just trying to describe her. more Erin Marie Garrett

Amber Ryan Lingerie Football League

Okay now, I’m sensitive to the fact we just posted about the Lingerie Football League for the first time in our whole history of 6 years. And now, BAM, we’re rooting around in the LFL again. But I ran across Amber Ryan and I couldn’t resit profiling her. She just *happens* to be in the LFL. Trust me, just a coincidence.

Amber is 23 years old and graduated from college with a degree in psychology and physical fitness. This lady knows how to keep both the mind and the body fit! She was on the Dallas Cowboy’s Desire team this season, so of course she lives in Dallas Texas. Their team practiced four times a week for 3 hours per day! She was sort of a tomboy growing up, playing football, baseball, and basketball. see Amber’s pics