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Emily Marie DeYoung

Her name is Emily Marie DeYoung:

Tara Caballero

Tara Caballero is 5’6″, 125lbs, 36-24-35.  She was born September 8, 1971 in Maryland, but now lives in California. Her website is

Fitness Chicks Working the Convention

Here are a few random photos of fitness babes at some bodybuilding or fitness convention.

Lois Powell

Lois Powell is a fitness competitor who hangs around the southeast, mainly South Carolina it sounds like.  I don’t have a lot of info on her, so if you know of a website or personal stats shoot me a note.

Monica Martin

Monica Martin is a Brazillian who turned pro in 2000 and is really climbing the ranks. Height: 5’4″ Weight: 145L-off season/135L-pre-contest Best lifts: Bench: 250 lbs, Leg-press:1250 lbs, Curls: 50 lbs Hair: Jet Black Eyes: Grey Biceps:16 inch, Waist: 26: Legs: 25″ Calves: 17″ Bra: 38D, Shoes: 6 Favorite food: Sushi,Sashimi./ Favorite diet food: Oats […]

Christy Resendes

Christy Resendes doesn’t play around.  She’s very strong, and she’s very muscular. Bi: 13in Chest: 42in Waist: 31in Hips: 38in Thigh: 22 1/2in Caves: 15in  Bench: 205lbs x 1 rep Parallel Squat: 405lbs x 5 reps 18in Axel Dead Lift: 405lbs x 2 reps (no wraps) Christy’s Website

More Charger Cheer

A fer more Charger cheerleader shots…

Chargers Cheerleaders

Here are a few SI photos of the San Diego Chargers cheerleaders.

Bridgette Murray

If you like blue eyes, you must love Bridgette Murray.  She is a very femine, gorgeous fitness competitor…

Tammy Delgiacco

Tammy Delgiacco has abs that are not to be believed. Such a cute blonde fitness competitor! I think she’s from the Tampa Bay area.