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Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is the gymastics babe who won the Gold Medal in 2008 for the balance beam. She has also won several all-around gymnastics championships. She has been in a gymnastics program since she was 3 (she was born in 1992). Shawn is very active and stays very busy doing gymnastics tours, going to school, […]

Nancy Ronco

Nancy Ronco is a gorgeous bronzed goddess who is French Canadian and from Quebec. She and her boyfriend bought a gym in their hometown near Pointe Calumet a few years ago and she has been interested in serious weight training ever since. She began competing in 2006.

Marina Brass

Marina Brass is a fitness and glamour model who lives and travels around Europe. She is an IFBB champion, and was a qualifier for the World Fitness Championships. She is or was under contract for the Ironman Bodyfitness Gym in LA.

Nicole Cassany

Another photo update for Nicole Cassany. It really does not get much hotter than this blonde, folks. She has two Chinese symbols tattooed on her wrists, and I would be very interested in knowing what they mean. Anybody know?

Breanne Mollman

It is tough to find any info on cute fitness competitor Breanne Mollman. She competed in the 2009 NPC Junior Nationals in the C Class (she placed 16th). She also placed 10th in the B Class in the 2008 Ronnie Coleman Classic. I believe she is from Oklahoma.

Noemi Olah

A cute blonde fitness model and contestant, Noemi Olah is from Hungary. Her official measurements are 90-60-90 (that’s in centimeters, lol). She has won a number of contests that you may have never heard of, like the Miss International Tourism in 2006, or the Miss Universe Hungary in 2005.

Diana Chaloux

Diana Chaloux has made a business out of her body. She is an ACE certified personal trainer, and owns the Destined 2 Be Fit personal training company. She is a professional figure and fitness model. She has been on tons of television stuff, and tons of magazines. If she looks familiar, think Oxygen, Muscle & […]

Lindsey Cope

Lindsey Cope is a cute blonde fitness competitor and bodybuilder from Reno Nevada. I’ve had a hard time finding very much info on her. I know that she is 22 and lives in Reno, Nevada. She is pretty well known for being super strong. I get the impression that she loves lifting heavy weights, which […]

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel works out several times a week and is constantly seen out walking her dog in the city. She is one of those celebrities who look great and promotee an active, fit lifestyle. She is known for being in good cardiovascular shape and for having a great rump. She’s only 27, so it can’t […]

Women of WWE RAW

I was watching TV as I sweated on the elliptical trailer the other night, and the wrestling guys showed a statistic that more people watched RAW on a previous night than watched the corresponding major league baseball game. I tried not to watch the programming that ensued, but it was sort of like driving by […]