Alicia Sacramone

I think it’s time to give a little luv to the Olympic gymnasts out there. Alicia Sacramone was born in 1987 in Winchester MA and stands 5’1″ tall. Her father is an orthodontist, so you can bet she has some straight teeth. She is currently majoring in Sociology at Brown. There were some disappointments at the games this year, but hey we are willing to check out this cutie no matter what color her medal.

Alicia Sacramone Pic 1Alicia Sacramone Pic 2Alicia Sacramone Pic 3

Kendra Elias

Kendra Elias is an IFBB Professional Fitness Competitor. At 5’1″ and a 105lb contest weight, she is tiny. She is a former dancer and was even a member of the dance team for an arena football team. She is married, and it was her husband who encouraged her to start lifting weights and competing.

Kendra Elias Pic 4

Elena Seiple

Elena Seiple is a decorated female bodybuilder who has won top placing in several NPC shows. She started out as a swimmer and became more athletic as she matured. She went through three knee surgeries as a college soccer player. She always looked up to people like Cory Everson when she first started lifting weights. Elena was born in 1973 in New Jersey.

Elena Seiple Pic 1Elena Seiple Pic 2Elena Seiple Pic 3

Anne Freitas

I don’t have any info about Anne Freitas. No links, no stats, no idea when she started or what she’s won. I just have pics. And thank god for the pics. A lower body like that deserves to be seen by FitBabesBlog fans. Looks like a beefed up Barbie doll, whew!

Anne Freitas 1Anne Freitas 2Anne Freitas 3

Belinda Benn

Here is what I am going to do. I will sit right -here- in this very spot until word gets out to Belinda Benn that I want to marry her and have children with her. When she hears this, I feel certain that she will contact me immediately and make final arrangements.

Her body is fabulous but those eyes get my vote for corneas of the century. She is 5’6″, 118 lbs, and likes to serve OJ at breakfast in skimpy bikinis. She started out swimming to get in shape, but eventually added other forms of cardio with some weightlifting.

Belinda Benn Pic 1Belinda Benn Pic 2Belinda Benn Pic 3

Brigette Paroissien

If she looks familiar, Brigette Paroissien was the hot model on the Abserciser commercials. Bridgette was in FHM, and enjoys what she calls extreme outdoor activities. These include snowboarding, firetwirling, surfing, motorcross, and horse riding. Much of her fabulous body can be blamed on gymnastics and dancing. She is 28, 35-23-33, 5’4″ tall, and a measly 106 lbs. That’s 106 lbs of hotness though!

Brigette Paroissien Pic 1

Brigette Paroissien Pic 2

Brigette Paroissien Pic 3

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Teresa Noreen

Teresa Noreen is a cross between a super-hot model and a fine sample of a fitness babe. She is 5’6″ tall, weighs 125 lbs, has an impressive 34D bust, with a 25″ waist and 35″ hips. She currently lives near LA California with her husband, and actually spent some time in the United States Airforce. Can you say Uncle Sam’s Hottest? Her favorite person is Nikola Tesla (shocking), and she has been in a few short films as well as on some car magazine covers.

Teresa Noreen PicTeresa Noreen PicTeresa Noreen Pic

Natalie Benson

Natalie Benson is a 34 year old mother who is an IFBB Figure Pro. She actually has aspirations to one day win the Olympia. The quantity and quality of her muscle really seems to exceed most of the fitness competitors out there. She has an athletic look that is reinforced by her strong delt and glute muscles. She claims she doesn’t even train her shoulders, which means she has one heck of a genetic code! She started her competitive fitness activities in 2002. After only 6 years of work, she has an amazing fitness babe physique.

Natalie Benson PicNatalie Benson PicNatalie Benson Pic