Brittany Staples

Have you heard the saying “there are old pilots and bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots”? This is unfortunately applicable to many boxers and mixed martial artists. You can find a few good looking (male and female) fighters, but the industry is kind of rough on the body and the face, so eventually that takes a toll on beauty. Twenty-five year old Brittany Staples to a certain extent is trying to defy the odds when it comes to this adage. From Boston Massachusetts, Brittany is a NPC Figure Competitor who also happens to be a popular fitness model and a golden gloves boxer.

Brittany is 5’3″ tall and about 115 lbs. What she lacks in size she makes up for in speed, power, and beauty. She placed 16th in the 2010 Team Universe, 9th in the 2010 Jr National Championships, and 4th in the 2009 Eastern USA Championships. more Brittany Staples