Shannon Ditmer

Shannon Ditmer is 38 years old, stands 5’3″ tall, and has a contest weight of about 107 lbs. After slowly gaining weight over a period of years, Shannon decided to do something about it. She joined a fitness group and started exercising in earnest. She is now a national level fitness competitor, and a hot babe to boot!

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Stacey Oster

Stacey Oster is a blonde fitness goddess who hails from the great state of Texas. Stacey is 5’4″ tall, weighs 117 lbs, and likes to model during the off-season when she is taking a break from being a serious IFBB bikini pro contender. Stacey runs a fairly profitable fitness consulting and personal training business.

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Susan Hoverson

Susan Hoverson went to University of Wisconsin where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. She first started competing on the bodybuilding scene in 1997. She is an ACE certified personal trainer. She owns her own company as a fitness consultant. Susan is known for her impossibly skinny waist and her feminine curves. She stands about 5’4″ tall, and measures 34D-26-35.

Some of her recent placings:
2nd place in Open Figure (Vancouver National Championships 2007)
2nd place Muscle Model (Ocean Bloom’s FameWest 2007)
3d place Figure (WNSO Canadian Nationals 2007)

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