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Kyla McGrath

Kyla McGrath is a brunette fitness model and competitor who I think looks super hot. She is 5’7″ tall, weighs about 130, and her measurements are 36c-26-36. If I saw her in a skimpy bikini all greased up on stage, I would probably fall in the floor in a fitness babe alert spasm!

Dixie Reynolds

Here is a video of Dixie Reynolds who won the Palm Beach Pro-Am in 2007:

More Jamie Eason Part 2

Part two of the ongonig saga to capture one tiny piece of the beauty that Jamie Eason represents:

Celeste Bonin

Celeste Bonin is a 5’6″ tall blonde beauty who tends bar at night and trains like mad during the day. She is Miss November in the 2008 Hardfitness Calendar. She is only 21 believe it or not!

More Jamie Eason Part 1

I can’t get enough of perky, muscular Jamie Eason. Previous post…

Maria Hillery

Maria Hillery has a background that is deeply rooted in gymnastics is is a fabulous dancer. She was a Track & Field NCAA All American, and now competes as a Professional Figure Competitor through the WNSO and WNBF. A few photos:

Jodi Leigh Miller – Stunning

One more of the stunning Jodi Leigh Miller…

Bethany Marie

Bethany Marie is a hot blonde babe who lives in Texas and loves her southern accent. She says she loves working out, and we say we love looking at your fit body!

Britt Miller

Britt Miller is a 23 year old North Carolinian who belies her age. How can this girl be so young and still be so muscular? She is a student at East Carolina University where she studies nursing. She has been bodybuilding since the age of 14, and she loves it.

Laura Mak

Laura Mak went to Michigan State University for a degree in exercise science. She went on a gymnastics scholarship, and has been active and fit her entire life. She is now a certified personal trainer and one hot bikini babe!