Lakers Cheerleaders

They cheer in yellow, they cheer in gold, sometimes you can even catch them in purple. But catch them quick, cause these gals are hot enough to burn you. We most recently went through the New England Patriots cheerleaders, which turned out to be quite a hit will the readers of our blog. We should return to these fit cheerful young ladies more often, but often get distracted. If not the most popular cheerleader post of all time, this one was at least in the top 5. I hope you guys enjoy, and let us know who you would like to see more of. click to see Lakers Cheerleaders

Jaimie Bernhardt

Hailing from Ohio, they don’t come much hotter than fitness model Jaimie Bernhardt. She is 5’6″ tall, weighs 125 lbs, and measures 34C-24-36. Sometimes Jaimie is blonde, sometimes she is brunette, it just depends on what she feels like doing on any given day. I’m betting you like the way she looks either way!

She started lifting weights and training in 2007. She happened to get invited to watch the Arnold Classic that year, and while she was at the show, a company asked her if she would be interested in being a spokesmodel for them. You know how some girls can walk into a crowded room and every head turns to them? That’s Jaimie. more Jaimie Bernhardt

Olya Haidner

By looking at those impossibly perfect abs, you would never guess Olya Haidner is a mom. Things got pretty much out of control during both of her pregnancies, and she gained fifty pounds both times. She was always active as a child and young adult. Olya was actually a professional ballroom dancer at one point, which obviously places some very unique physical demands on the body. So this gave her a good solid base to work with when it came time for losing weight.

Olya ended up in the gym, hoping to drop some weight and get back into shape after having her kids. When she got a good look at some of the fitness competitors in her gym, she was encouraged to continue. She ended up losing the weight and getting into the best shape of her life. She felt better about herself, more confident, more energetic, more positive. see Olya Haidner

Amy Schmid

Amy Schmid is a bodybuilder who is really pretty big and muscular, but somehow manages to blend that in with a physique that is very symmetrical and proportionate. Amy’s history is very interesting. She was active growing up, playing all kind of sports and not being one to sit on the couch watching TV or playing video games. But when she was 18, she developed an odd disease that left her paralyzed for some period of time. To help with her recovery, she started lifting weights, and learned all about bodybuilding and nutrition. It was only one year after she first started lifting weights that she entered her first bodybuilding contest. To say that she fell in love with the iron lifestyle is an understatement. To a certain extent, it seems like Amy set out with something to prove. She wanted to show the medical community that she could fully recover from her illness, and not just survive but flourish. continue Amy Schmid

Listy Allen

Listy Allen is from Virginia and lives in Colorado. Actually, she is from all over. Both of her parents were in the military, so she moved around a lot as a kid. She is 5’6″ tall, and weighs around 140 lbs (she competes at 125 lbs). Her measurements are 34D-26-34. Her blonde hair and blue eyes tend to attract a lot of attention, especially since they are paired with such a knockout body. She is getting ready to turn twenty four years old, and has held a Pro Card since 2009.

She was always active. She played softball, soccer, and dabbled in both track and field and cheerleading. She started lifting weights when she was a Freshman in High School. more Listy Allen

Vanessa Tib

Vanessa was always active and athletic. She grew up in the Dominican Republic, and moved to the United States when she was 12 years old. Another ten years elapsed before she fell in love with the fitbabes physique and began working out. After graduating from college with a degree in nursing, she found herself with more free time, and began to train harder, longer, and more consistently.

Vanessa limits her cardio, because she is doing her best to add more muscle mass. This limited amount obviously doesn’t affect how lean she is. She does prefer to follow high intensity interval training, generally by doing 30 secs of brisk walking followed by 30 secs of sprinting. She says anybody who doesn’t continuously push themselves to their very limits is destined to remain the same. She wants to make improvements to her physique every month, reshaping it year by year.

Vanessa always tries to stay positive, taking inspiration where she can from friends, family, and other fitness babes, and also trying to inspire others to go for it and attempt to attain their fitness goals. more Vanessa Tib