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Fit Babes Cell Phone Pics

Here’s our second installment on the cell phone pics category… enjoy.

Rebecca Mitchell

Rebecca Mitchell is an NPC Figure Competitor and a fairly well known fitness model. She currently lives in Maryland. She is 5’8″ tall, and weighs around 135 lbs. She started training in 2006, and entered her first contest in 2010. She has done well: 2010 NPC Tracey Greenwood Classic 8th 2011 NPC Met-Rx MD State […]

Fit Babes Cell Phone Pics

We will add a new category today – cell phone pics. These are random shots sent in by readers, or in some cases found somewhere out on the web. Enjoy!

Sharon Polsky

Sharon Polsky started out on a very athletic path – she had two older brothers that she was always dodging and running away from to keep them from picking on her. She and her brothers were born and raised in Long Beach California. She was in the gym by the time she was 14 years […]

Natalie Waples

Natalie Waples, who placed 5th in the Figure portion of the 2012 Toronto Supershow, grew up in Ontario Canada before moving to Ottawa to pursue a degree in Commerce. It’s interesting that Natalie was always active and involved in sports, but also showed particular interest in beauty and modeling pageants. Both activities tended to lend […]