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Video Update

A number of our fans have asked for a fit babes video update, so here we have it. Included below are videos of Noemi Olah, Leah Walczak, Catherine Holland, Mavi Gioia, and Amy Bates.

Laura Jeanne

Laura Jeanne got into fitness modeling by accident. One of her friends booked a shoot with a new photographer and asked Laura to accompany her to the shoot for the sake of safety. Laura’s friend told her to take a few outfits just in case the photographer wanted to shoot with her too. As you […]

Kelly Rennie

Kelly Rennie is know for being tough as nails and as pretty as a model. Growing up, she cut her teeth on gymnastics, but moved on to more challenging sports – like Muay Thai kickboxing and rugby. She started doing figure competitions in 2010 after dating a personal trainer and signing up for a bodybuilding […]