Stefanie Bambrough

Stefanie Bambrough is a 24 year old fitness model and figure competitor from Florida. She studied exercise science at Florida State University and loved fitness and nutrition. She ended up becoming a personal trainer and then finally couldn’t resist going the competition route. She has a background in theater and dance, so she has always liked to perform. Stefanie has also done some adult stuff, we’ll skip over that here on FBB! more Stefanie Bambrough

Soleivi Hernandez

Soleivi Hernandez is a 30 year old NPC Figure competitor from El Salvador. She grew up in Texas, where she was always active in sports. She played softball and soccer in college, and started lifting weights when she was 22. She first competed at the 2006 NPC John Sherman Classic where she placed 2nd. She placed 1st in the 2007 NPC New York Metropolitan Figure Championship, and a disappointing 16th at the Team USA Figure Nationals that same year.

Soleivi is about 5’2″ tall and competes at a bout 115 lbs. Trust me, I’ve looked very carefully, and she has not a single bad bodypart. more Soleivi Hernandez

Kristen Nagrani

Kristen Nagrani is an IFBB Figure Pro from Florida. She works with Team Bombshell for her training and nutrition there in Florida. She placed 2nd in the 2010 Team Universe, and was the overall winner in the 2010 NPC Pittsburgh Championships. Kristen is very attractive, and she must’ve spread her excellent genetics since her daughter Nicole Nagrani is also beating the socks off bikini competitors these days. more Kristen Nagrani

Liza Hughes

Liza Hughes is a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, and fitness model. I think the reason behind Liza’s excellent success as a fitness model stems from her having worked with some phenomenally talented photographers. The pictures in Liz’s portfolio speak volumes about location, wardrobe, emotion, and professionalism.

Liza has been on numerous magazine covers, including Flex, American Curves, Planet Muscle, and Body Magazine. She has competed more Liza Hughes

Erika Thompson

Erika Thompson is a fitness model originally from Uruguay who now lives in Los Angeles California. Erika is 30 years old and about 5’4″ tall. She used to do “adult” stuff, but somehow managed to transition into more mainstream entertainment. Because of her body type and her habitual workouts, she seemed to find it easy to get fitness modeling gigs. She was on the cover of Ironman Magazine back in 2006, which is virtually unheard of for an adult film star (even if she was retired).

We’ll avoid linking to any of her old videos or media more Erika Thompson

Jennifer Apodaca

Jennifer Apodaca is a fitness model and bikini pro featured in Flex magazine recently. She is quite an enigma. She is a true “10”, with a phenomenal body and drop-dead gorgeous face, but she is rough and tumble too. She was raised doing chores on a farm, and competed in karate as well as intramural bench press activities in college. Jennifer won her IFBB Bikini pro card, partly because of her strong physique. Back in the day, she benched 135lbs and weighed 113lbs! She says more Jennifer Apodaca

Charise Parker

Like a comet that only swings by every hundred years, or maybe a four leaf clover, Charise Parker is pretty rare. She recently won 1st place in the women’s lightweight bodybuilding competition in San Francisco, while she also competed in the figure contest and placed second. Now that really says something about her beauty, symmetry, grace, and stage presence. more Charise

Alicia Melelani

Currently living in Las Vegas, Alicia Melelani is a fitness model who does does of promotionals and appearances. She is a model for Pure Form Labs, a ring girl for Strike Fight Gear, and a brand ambassador for Dove. Alicia managed to take 1st place in her first NPC bikini show in Culver City early in 2010. She has a goal to more Alicia Melelani

Kelly Dobbins

Kelly Dobbins is a female bodybuilder who has really had two different careers. She started weightlifting to help her get and stay in shape. Many of the people who worked out at her gym were competitive bodybuilders, which influenced her goals and her results. She started competing in the 80’s and 90’s but sort of dropped out. She went back at it in 1998 and started winning. Kelly also happens to be a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Kelly Dobbins