Volleyball Babes Celebrate

There is an obvious connection between the beautiful female form and the popularity of women’s volleyball. Not to take anything away from the sport – some of these women are gifted athletes with amazing coordination, speed, and stamina – but I think some of the audience is there to check out the babes. Generally long of limb, lean, and scantily dressed, this is understandable. Indoor women’s volleyball is great, but outdoor has the added benefit of bikinis and tanlines. The women, especially the outdoor athletes, seem to play off this fact with their attire and even their sponsorships.

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Sondra Hopkins

Sondra Hopkins is a personal trainer and gym owner in the Texas area. She also works as a fitness model. She is 38 years old, married, and has three kids. Her legs are fabulous, and her skin always has that healthy golden brown that makes me think of women born with a tan.

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Alona Bondarenko

Tennis babe Alona Bondarenko is a blonde tennis player from the Ukraine. She hit a #19 ranking back in 2008, so she ain’t bad. She is 24, weighs 130 lbs, and stands 5’6″ tall. She is not a little twig. I don’t think she is a grunter, ie one of those gals that groans and moans every time she hits a tennis ball. She was defeated in Round 1 of Wimbledon this year by Baltacha.

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Melyssa Buhl

Melyssa Buhl is really more of a fitness model than anything else. Anybody that sports a six-pack like that knows how to rock the crunch machine at the gym. She is 25 years old, stands a sporty 5’8″ tall, weighs about 125, and measures 36-25-34. Yep, she’s blonde and blue. What would you expect for a gal with German and Swedish ancestry.

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Sarah Picken Brown

Sarah Picken Brown lives in Victoria Austraia. She has won titles in 2005, 2008, and 2009. At a tiny height of 5 feet tall, her nickname is “Pocket Rocket”. She competes at about 90 lbs. Sarah has a degree in Dance and Performing arts, and used to dance with the Queensland Ballet Company. She has travelled the world dancing, spending time in the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. As a former dancer, Sarah is well known for her fabulous leg development and artistic posing.

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Ashlynn Evans

Ashlynn Evans is a 27 year old fitness model and competitor. I know she is 5’2″ tall but info is scarce after that. She is a professional hair and makeup artist. She won the 2008 NPC Jr. USA, and at that time received an invitation to turn pro.

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Angie Marie Rempel

There is not that much info out there on Angie Marie Rempel. She grew up in Canada, and was athletic right from the start, as is the case with so many fitness babes. She competed in jump rope competitions in the USA as a kid. She was involved in track and field, rugby, gymnastics, dance, and long distance hiking. She only began weight training in earnest a few years ago. It’s not surprising that she can bound across the stage with such energy given her active lifestyle. Angie does quite a bit of fitness modeling.

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NCAA Gymnastics Babe

I have always found gymnastics babes to be very sexy. They have power, grace, poise. There’s no question they are serious athletes, the incredible amount of stress they put on their joints and muscles requires a high level of fitness and athleticism. These photos are of an NCAA collegiate gymnast. I don’t know her name, but if you do please email me or post a comment. The balance beam is not my favorite event, I think I like to watch the floor exercise or the uneven bars the best. Maybe we’ll cover those in a future post.

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Tara Merola

Not often does a beauty like Tara Merola come around. Tara is half Italian and half Greek, and she lives in [removed]. She is a tiny 5’1″ tall and 113 lbs, but wow she is built like a powerhouse. I’ve talked about babes with veins showing in their abs before (hint: Andrea Dumon and Arina Manta), and Tara aims to please. This girl can get ripped.

She spent her early years in gymnastics, and converted over to cheerleading for her high school and college years. She is a gymnastics coach and fitness consultant. She starts each day with a 3-4 mile run, now that is hardcore!

Update 7/16/12: Tara has asked that we remove the photos of her. We’ve also edited the info above to remove her location.

Sheryl Hopkins

Sheryl Hopkins is out there rocking the house in bodybuilding contests. At 38 years old, she placed 2nd and 4th in the two contests she entered this year, and 2nd and 4th in two she entered in 2008. She has one daughter and they live in Texas. She is a physical trainer and teacher. She says she loves the energy and the confidence in the bodybuilding lifestyle.

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