Lynda Musgrove

Lynda Musgrove is a 40+ year old NPC Figure competitor from Massachusetts. She is 5’8″ tall and tends to compete about 130 lbs. Lynda says she competes for herself, and it’s not really about winning a trophy. She was overweight as a teenager and her ability to control her diet and shape her body more Lynda Musgrove

Christine Campbell

Okay, I admit it, we’re of questionable ability and integrity if we’ve gone this long without profiling the amazing Ms. Christine Campbell. We used the search button up there, and we came up with zilch, which means we must’ve missed her (booooo).

Christine grew up in the California wine country. She was active in team sports like basketball, soccer, and softball. When she graduated from high school, she also graduated from homecoming beauty queen to winner of several bikini contests and car shows. This led to additional modeling opportunities as varied as activities at the Playboy Mansion, swimsuit calendars, and fitness magazines. more Christine Campbell