Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca Cardon grew up in Virginia, but now lives in Los Angeles California. Unlike many of the fit babe we cover, she is not a figure, fitness, or bikini competitor. Despite what she looks like (i.e. a fitness model), Rebecca is actually a powerlifter. She holds a world record in bench press. She set this record several years ago at the age of 17 when at a bodyweight of 105 lbs, she put up an incredible 130 lbs. In doing so, she destroyed the previous record of 117.5 lbs.

To be fair, one reason Rebecca has such unusual strength is genetics. A few years back, her father won a senior record when he was able to bench press over 360 lbs at a bodyweight of 160 lbs.

After moving to LA to pursue acting, Rebecca landed a few small roles here and there. It was when she was featured on Amazing Race that she was nationally and internationally recognized. more Rebecca Cardon

Sharon Polsky

Sharon Polsky started out on a very athletic path – she had two older brothers that she was always dodging and running away from to keep them from picking on her. She and her brothers were born and raised in Long Beach California. She was in the gym by the time she was 14 years old, and teaching aerobics by the time she was 16.

At one point, Sharon was a nationally ranked swimmer, she’s been trained as a dancer, and she has always been a runner. It’s a shame, but she says many of her friends and most of her family have never really understood her fitness lifestyle and the compromises it entails. When she trains her butt off, or eats very carefully, they shake their heads and roll their eyes and tell her she’s being silly.

Sharon is always a bit peeved when someone casually claims that she looks the way she does due to good genetics. She says she has terrible genetics, and has to train incredibly hard to show the minimal gains she does. Basically – if she can do it anybody can! more Sharon Polsky

Ashley Horner

Ashley Horner was an active child and teenager. She was inspired by her mother to play sports like soccer and gymnastics, and to minimize junk food and soda. She gained forty-five pounds when she was pregnant with her first son, and the task of whipping herself back into shape seemed daunting. She decided she was not only going to lose that baby weight, but she was going to do her first figure competition.

Many years later, Ashley is on the cover of fitness magazines, and has a body many would die for. She works out six days a week, and she eats six meals per day. She says her favorite role models are Ava Cowan and Jennifer Nicole Lee. Ashley placed first in the NPC West Coast Classic back in June of 2011. If she has competed in 2012, it has slipped by us. She loves to bake in her spare time, which seems pretty tempting for somebody that has to stay on a fairly strict diet all the time. more Ashley Horner

Ashley Hanna

Ashley Hanna is a 28 year old from Norman Oklahoma. She has two sons who like to keep her on her toes. She runs a personal training studio, and also competes in the NPC as a figure athlete. She is 5’6″ tall, and weighs 128 lbs. Her measurements are 36D-25-36.

Looking at Ashley’s incredibly tiny waist and very trim abs, you can tell she is very disciplined when it comes to her diet. Abs like these don’t come about from contest dieting, they are cultivated from years of small portions and the right food/exercise balance. more Ashley Hanna

Jelena Abbou

Jelena Abbou is about to turn thirty five years old. She is a fitness model and competitor who grew up in Serbia but moved to the United States when she was 20. She stands 5’6″ tall, weighs 118 lbs, and her measurements are 34-24-34. She loves doing personal training, and modeling, and she lives in New Jersey.

Jelena is not stranger to competing. She does it a lot. Her contest history: more Jelena Abbou

Terri Turner Returns

Terri Turner was in our news awhile back for placing second in the 2010 NY Pro Fitness and Figure. Terri has a BS and MS in exercise science, and loves training clients. She says it’s not just a matter of being an inspiration to them, her clients actually inspire her to maintain discipline, and follow her training regimen and diet so she can be successful. She currently lives in Bossier City LA. She runs a fairly private gym where she trains her clients one-on-one. more Terri Turner

Jennifer Nicole Lee and Ab Kissing

Pretty much every time we post on Jennifer Nicole Lee, the website explodes, our phone rings off the hook, cars driving by honk their horns, and marching bands keep us up all night. She is a popular fitness model, and quite a marketing machine. She also knows how to get some publicity. As an example, you can review the photos below. Parading around on a public beach in Miami wearing skimpy bikini bottoms and a wet t-shirt will get anybody noticed. When you look like Jennifer Nicole Lee, well – cue the marching bands.

It’s great to see a lady so comfortable with her body more Jennifer Nicole Lee

Tiffany Ryan

Tiffany Ryan grew up poor in a single-parent home in a fairly small town in Arkansas. Her mother was a big influence in her life, and taught her a lot about a strong work ethic. Tiffany juggled several jobs and raised a daughter while going to college part-time to earn a degree in Education. It took her seven years – that’s a lot of determination.

She only taught 3rd grade for a short while before she realized she wanted to do something else with her life. She became a certified personal trainer, and before long began competing in figure competitions. She believes if she can do it, anybody can, and her story is a big inspiration to many ladies out there. more Tiffany Ryan

Nicoleta Chiorean

As a former Ms. Figure Ireland, Nicoleta Chiorean has the looks and the body to earn a few trophies. She grew up in Romania, and participated in basketball and tennis. Her husband was always into bodybuilding and enjoyed watching fitness competitions. After he took Nicoleta to one in 2005, she became interested and started training. She won the NAABA Ms Ireland in 2006 after training for only 12 months. She also placed 8th at the Ms Universe that year.

Nicoleta is an expert in nutrition, and has gone to school to study that topic, as well as sports psychology and kinesiology. She loves working with people of all different capabilities as a personal trainer.

She is 5’3″ tall. Her weight varies between 125 lbs off-season, to 105 lbs (contest weight). more Nicoleta

Amber Day

When Amber Day flashes those pearly whites, you realize she has not only spent some time sculpting her body, she also spends some time on those teeth. After all, Amber graduated from college with a degree in dental hygiene. Amber is 27, and she is very much a very mainstream fitness model. She is a mother, works as a personal trainer, she competes at the national level in bikini, and she does some writing.

Amber is 5’5″ tall and weighs about 116 lbs. There for a year or two, she was the cover model and spokesmodel for Hard Rock Cafe. She says she stays so busy, that it’s hard to balance time between fitness, competing, being a mom, and actually earning an income. Her favorite fitness athletes more Amber Day