Winter Olympics Babes

Well clearly it is much easier from the “babes” perspective to enjoy the Summer Olympics than the Winter Olympics. The Summer Olympics brings about thoughts of hot gymnastics babes jumping around in skimpy leotards, track and field babes flexing their muscular legs, babes in swimsuits knifing through the water with grace and beauty. We’ve looked at swimmer Dara Torres and gymnast Amanda Beard. But hey, we’re optimists, and I’m convinced we can find some winter beauties.

Let’s start out with Tanith Belbin. A pretty unusual name, Tanith is Canadian American and actually holds dual citizenship in both countries. She is 25 years old, stands 5’6″ tall, and is known for her grace. I think she and her partner Agosto won 4th place in this years Olympics.
Tanith Belbin 1Tanith Belbin 2Tanith Belbin 3

Lindsey Vonn is our next Olympic Hottie. And mercy, she rings that bell well. She is a tall (5’10”) blonde who is athletic and tough. Like many athletes, she has suffered some injuries and been able to push through them. She won a gold medal in this year’s Olympics for downhill, and was the first American woman to do it. This is an incredible accomplishment. She does happen to be married, which is good for her husband and bad for us since we have to sit here and drool over her incredible body.
Lindsey Vonn 1Lindsey Vonn 2Lindsey Vonn 3

Cory Everson

It is a little embarrassing that we have never posted before about Cory Everson.

Cory is most famous for the fitness show she starred in called Bodyshaping, then Gotta Sweat. I think the only person who is more recognizable for this type of fitness fun is Gilad.

Cory won 6 Ms. Olympia titles in a row, starting in 1984. A bit of trivia for you – she never lost a Ms. Olympia competition that she entered. She is less into the fitness lifestyle now, partly because she recently turned 50, and partly because she is a dedicated wife and mother now.

Cory Everson 1Cory Everson 2Cory Everson 3Cory Everson 4Cory Everson 5

Rosa Valente

Rosa Valente was teh Figure Medium and Overall Champion of the 2009 OPA Ontario Championships. Very sultry look, and well defined shoulders and arms on Rosa.

Rosa Valente Pic 1Rosa Valente Pic 2Rosa Valente Pic 3

Carmen Garcia

Carmen Garcia is not the typical fitness model we profile here at FBB. She is very cultured, loves traveling, and considers herself a Turista Chef who loves to educate others about exotic regional cuisine. She speaks four languages:
She teaches yoga, fitness, nutrition, and is a certified trainer.

Carmen Garcia Pic 1Carmen Garcia Pic 2Carmen Garcia Pic 3Carmen Garcia Pic 4

Ava Cowan

Ava Cowan is one of the hardest working and busiest fitness ladies out there. Her 2009 schedule was dizzying – a few excerpts:

Olympian’s News Italy Cover December 2009
REPS Feature Spring 2010
Muscular Development Layout November and December 2009
Gaspari’s Myofusion Ad/Muscle & Fitness Hers Back Cover December 2009
Planet Muscle Featured Leg Article December 2009
Planet Muscle Featured on Cover+Article September/ October 2009
Status Fitness Magazine Cover May/ June 2009
Planet Muscle May/June 2009
Planet Muscle Featured on Cover and Feature March/April 2009
Olympian’s News Magazine Cover January 2009
Planet Muscle January 2009

Ava was the 2009 Figure Universe Overall Champion. I have seen marked improvements in her physique every single year. I think she first got into modelling in 2005, and has been in high demand ever since. She is also a certified personal trainer.

Ava Cowan Pic 1Ava Cowan Pic 2Ava Cowan Pic 3Ava Cowan Pic 4Ava Cowan Pic 5Ava Cowan Pic 6