Lindsay Kaye Revisited

Since we haven’t talked about her since 2010, it is time to revisit Miss Lindsay Kaye. Not only has it been a couple of years, but I get several emails a month where people ask where they can find more info about Lindsay. Also, as if we need any other excuses, she is smoking hot and we like looking at her!

You can find Lindsay’s website here. Lindsay was featured in the 2011 issue of Flex magazine, and she recently signed with Controlled Labs as a spokesmodel. The business side of fitness modeling seems to come easily to Lindsay, maybe because she is so good-looking that opportunities always seem to come her way.

As you can see in these photos, Lindsay’s look varies from fit, to athletic and muscular. She has a very balanced physique, with no single muscle group standing out above the others. Her dark, exotic look really gives a sultry spin to her presentation. more Lindsay Kaye

Catherine Holland Update

We are way behind in giving most of you what you’ve been asking for – a Catherine Holland update. Catherine has been busy. She’s right in the middle of her competitive season. She just finished a couple of shows in the Southeast. One of them was in Sarasota. I think she has a couple more left. I don’t actually have an update on her placings, but as you can see from the photos, she is looking great. Quite possibly better than she ever has. Catherine always manages to bring an element of class as well as feminine sexuality to the audience when she steps on stage.

Catherine’s website also seems to be booming these days. She is really popular with her fans, and with fans of fit babes in general. She has a very approachable, very genuine personality, and that seems to show through when she interacts with her fans. On her website, she has been doing numerous webcam shows, member chat sessions, and also just bouncing back and forth on her member-only forum. That personal attention really seems to resonate with people, so it’s sure to be driving her membership numbers ever-upward. more Catherine Holland

Amanda Folstad

Amanda Folstad is knows for being one of the nicest ladies in female fitness. It seems like every time I’ve seen her in a contest, she is in A+, 100%, top shape. Sometimes we hear feedback from judges on the female side of the sport that they don’t want to see ladies looking too lean. I really think that has hurt Amanda a few times, as she always gets her diet practically perfect and seems to come in shredded. This is part of the debate and the dichotomy of female fitness.

She had bounced from figure contests to bodybuilding contests, which really is a classic way of dealing with a “criticism” of being too lean or too muscular (at least for women).

Amanda got started in the sport when she was 18. She was just dabbling at first, mainly with the goal of dropping a few pounds and looking better. But as a few months turned into a year, Amanda became more aware of other ladies in the iron game, and she started setting serious goals to be on the cover of magazines and compete.

I’ve seen/read in interviews where Amanda laughs about being addicted to competing. At her level, so much time an energy is put into living the lifestyle that promotes success, that it really becomes a let-down when your effort isn’t validated with good placings. To help her ease into contest shape, and to keep her mentally in the game, Amanda says she rarely goes more than 10-20 lbs over her contest weight, which really isn’t much for a person with her size. more Amanda Folstad

Dianna Dahlgren Revisited

Dianna Dahlgren grew up as the youngest of four kids in a sleepy town in California. She always had tons of energy, and she and her family were very active. Not a lot of sitting around, watching television and playing video games for this crew. They messed around in the desert, did motorsports like sand cars and dirt bikes, went snow skiing in the mountains. She modeled from the time she was 13 years old. Dianna has always loved being in the spotlight, and being in front of fans or the camera.

The fitness portion of her lifestyle really just evolved from being so active when she was young. When she was 19, she decided to try a physique competition. She dieted pretty hard, did tons of cardio work to get ripped, and started doing magazine covers not long afterwards. She has been a supermotocross girl for the last few years. She travels all over the country. You would think that would really disrupt her training and diet schedule, but her results speak for themselves.

With as many distractions as Dianna seems to have in her life, you have to wonder how phenomenal she would be if she really focused on fitness and fitness modeling. To look that great and win that many top 5 placings, she clearly has a big part of the formula down pat already. If you look at Dianna on stage during bikini competitions, you’ll see that really she has the total package. more Dianna Dahlgren

Most Popular Fitness Babes for August 2012

Let’s go ahead and recap the most popular fitness babes (at least here on FBB) for the month of August 2012:

1) Laura Trott
2) Lolo Jones
3) Dianna Dahlgren
4) Jennifer Nicole Lee
5) Catherine Holland

Sometimes we blog about what we are interested in, but it could be a compelling argument to say we should blog about what you’re interested in. Hopefully in the coming days, you’ll see a few more posts about these top 5 ladies. We’ll try to give you what you’re looking for 🙂

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini

Someone contacts us basically every day asking for more information about Jennifer Nicole Lee. She is tremendously popular for a number of reasons.

1) She looks great
She is hot enough for basically every guy out there to drool over. She stays fit, so she is very inspirational to all the ladies. So yes, Jennifer’s looks play an important role here.

2) Personality
Jennifer has a great personality. Bubbly, positive, intelligent, and genuine. She is a real people person. So many of the fitness models and competitors are introverts. To a certain extent it takes that type of personality to spend so much time in the gym sculpting a body. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t really lend itself to popularity. Meanwhile, you have a gal like Jennifer, who knows no strangers and bedazzles everybody with her smiles and quick wit.

3) Marketing
As we’ve mentioned before, Jennifer is a marketing machine. She has a great website, she does movies, audio casts, lands magazine covers, and publishes guides. Her book on the fitness model diet is tremendously popular. It’s not unusual for her to do bikini calendars, and you can place a sure bet that she get hung up on a few walls. more Jennifer Nicole Lee