Samantha Baker is Vascular

One thing I didn’t mention a year and a half ago when I profiled Samantha Baker was the fact that she is so fit and has such low bodyfat you can see veins in her lower abs. That’s serious vascularity folks. Women have a hard time trimming up those triceps and the lower abs, and this kind of display requires extreme dedication. Samantha Baker was an NFL Cheerleader for the New England Patriots. It sounds like she will be competing a lot more in the coming year, so hopefully we’ll see more of her!

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Monique Minton

Although it’s been awhile since Monique Minton has graced our pages, she has never entirely left our mind. Wowdang, this gal knows how to turn the heat up on the HOT meter. She was recently in both Flex and Muscle and Fitness. She has been rocking her fans as a new IFBB Bikini Pro. She actually placed 1st in the 2009 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Figure Championships.

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Stefanie Richard

With a 5’3″ tall, 114 lb physique, Stefanie Richard has shown some real talent in the fitness competitions she has entered. She won the Figure Physique at the Fame World competition in 2009, and placed 4th in the Ms World Competition earlier in the year. She is 26 years old and only started competing in 2008. Stefanie is from Canada. She knows alllll about posing for sexy pictures, as you can see.

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Nichelle Laus

Nichelle Laus is one butt-kicking babe. Prior to starting her competitive fitness career, she was an amateur boxer and kickboxer for thirteen years. Growing up in Canada, she was always active with a focus on healthy liviing and fitness. She is a mother of two, and may have just recently given birth to her third child. Nichelle placed forth in her Pro Debut at the IDFA Toronto Classic in July of 2009.

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