Brooke Ence

I recently ran across Brook Ence (aka Brooke Holladay) and was spellbound by her beauty, her body, and her personality. She’s already a big star in the Cross-Fit world, and I have no doubt she’ll continue on into more mainstream activities.

She is 25 years old, 5’7″ tall, and weighs around 150 lbs. As you can see from this video, it’s solid muscle. She was a National Figure Competitor for awhile, so it’s hard to say how much of that body she built with traditional bodybuilding work, and how much was built with crossfit workouts. She started out by taking 1st place in the Utah Open in 2008. I see she placed 16th in the 2010 NPC USA Nationals. Brooke lives in Santa Cruz, CA and is a full-time coach.

She actually went to college in Utah as a dance major, so clearly she has been active and athletic her whole life. That blonde hair and unique face suggest some European roots. She claims that she always gained muscle easily, even as a young girl. If we could all be that lucky!

Sasha Brown

Although we discussed her back in 2010, Sasha Brown has been on our minds again lately. This is probably because she did so well in the IFBB Tournament of Champions this year (taking fourth place). After moving to the US in 2005 to focus on her career in fitness modeling and personal training, she found her tomboy upbringing gave her an edge in figure competitions. Maybe it was the well-rounded athletic background, but her stunning and exotic looks don’t hurt either. She got started in fitness when she saw pictures of Monica Brant in a magazine, and was inspired to be better than the average lady. For whatever reason (and there’s certainly no excuse for it), Sash grew up continually being told and feeling like she was not good enough. Read the rest of this entry »

Michelle Lewin

Initially, Michelle Lewin used weightlifting and bodybuilding to stay in shape for modeling gigs. But she loved the look and the feeling, and got more and more into fitness modeling. She dipped her toe in the pool in a NPC bikini contest, and never looked back. She did a Playboy shoot or two a few years ago in South America, but now lives in South Florida. She is 27 years old, and 5’4″ tall.

Her physique is great for a fitness model. She is a real hardbody. Her lower body – legs and glutes – seems to be more developed than her upper body. But that tiny waist is the clincher. When she slides that smile on her face and twists those hips to flex her abs, bam she has got it locked in. You’ll notice a thrilling little splay of freckles at the bottom of her neck right at cleavage level. more Michelle Lewin

More Hot Fitness Babes

A few more random photos of fitness babes to spice up your day. These include:
Amanda Adams
Eniko Csonka
Jill McConkey
Michelle MacDonald
Vlatka Dragic

fitness babeAmanda AdamsEniko CsonkaJill McConkeyMichelle MacDonaldVlatka Dragic

Dana Linn Bailey

One of our new favorites here at FBB is Dana Linn Bailey. She grew up a major jock, involved in as many sports as she could manage. She was a soccer star in college, but once she graduated that left a big hole in her life. If you were an avid school athlete you know how this goes. Always at some kind of practice, always headed to a game or a meet, always with some coach bellowing or cajoling. And then poof, one day it’s gone and it’s quiet and it seems like you have nothing to do. So she started going to the gym and lifting weights with her boyfriend, and that blossomed into what it is today. Dana loves lifting hard and heavy. This ain’t not girly-girl, she is out to move some weight and snarl and shout while she’s doing it. Really it’s Dana Linn’s personality — which is prominently on display any time she does interviews or videos — that keeps us coming back for more. Her body is tough as nails, and she has a cute pixie face and haircut, but it’s that personality that’s so fun and rotten and bigger than life. Dana also does some personal training, and owns a clothing company.

Dana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey pic

Catherine Holland Candid Pics

Catherine Holland periodically posts candid pics for members of her site. Although we’ve covered Catherine extensively in the past, it’s been awhile since we had an update on her. She is doing well, and still very much in the fitness game. Enjoy the photos… see Catherine Holland candids

Motivation – Smoking Hot Fit Babes

We all need a little extra motivation sometimes. Here are a few motivational photos of the hottest fitness babes we could find… see Smoking Hot Fitness Babes

Intermittent Fasting and Figure Competitors

Since Figure Competitions began, much of the wisdom of contest preparation has been copied over from bodybuilding. There is a good reason for this – many of the goals are similar and so it stands to reason many of the methods would be too. The tried and true method for dieting down for a contest generally involves reducing carbs and increasing energy expenditure by moving to a higher-rep weightlifting scheme while doing more steady state cardio. This is almost always paired with eating 5-6 small meals per day.

This approach is typically effective as long as the correct number of calories is consumed. The huge drawback is the amount of time and the level of commitment needed to eat every 2-3 hours. A magnificent amount of organization is required. Meals have to planned well in advance. Food has to be purchased way ahead of schedule. The logistics make it unbearable tough to work an 8 or 10 hour normal job, travel, socialize, or in general get anything done that isn’t exclusive centered around eating exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.

But eating like this is a necessity, right? Even though figure competitors do not try to build the same muscle bulk as a bodybuilder, not feeding your hard-earned muscle is a sure-fire way to go catabolic. Also, your metabolism will plummet, and it will be more difficult to stay lean. These are all facts, right? This is what we’ve been taught. All figure athletes do it this way. Or do they? more on intermittent fasting

Abrianna Taylor, Jessica Rinaldi, and Jen Jewell

For today, some mini-profiles…

Abrianna Taylor
Age: 30
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 126 lbs
Measurements: 32B-26-36
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Personal trainer, figure skater, figure competitor
Abrianna Taylor PicAbrianna Taylor PicAbrianna Taylor Pic

Jessica Rinaldi

Location: New Mexico
Occupation: personal trainer, fitness competitor, mother
2011 IFBB Arnold Amateur (4th place)
2010 NPC USA Championships (16th place) continue reading

Ronda Rousey

We have never profiled a fit MMA fighter before, but maybe it’s time! As many of you know, Ronda Rousey and Liz Caramouche headline the UFC fight tonight. This is ground-breaking, because it’s the first time women have fought in the UFC.

Ronda Rousey has been getting more than her fair share of the press coverage. Part of the reason is because she’s the odds-on favorite to win. Ronda grew up being taught judo by her mother, and went on to win an Olympic gold medal. Not only can absolutely anything happen in the cage, with absolutely anybody winning any given fight, but also just being a judo expert doesn’t mean you’re a well-rounded martial artist who can triumph in the cage. But in this case, Rhonda already has 6 MMA wins in another division, and she has proven to be very good at what she does.

Now the other thing behind this is, as you can see, Ronda is kind of easy on the eyes. In a sport where people get punched and beat up, and top female contenders have occasionally been a bit more average-looking, Ronda looks to be very marketable by the UFC organization in the sense that she has broad appeal to a viewership that is predominantly male. How pretty is and how fit her body looks has no bearing on whether she wins fights, but its obviously something we take into consideration when we profile “fit babes” and post up their pictures. Ronda is famous for saying that to get exposure, you have to be willing to expose yourself, and we are affectionately falling for that honeytrap. more Ronda Rousey