Allison Baver

Allison Baver recently did a pictorial for Muscle & Fitness magazine and totally captured my attention at that point. She is an Olympic athlete, her specialty is speed skating on ice. She was a soccer player and cheerleader as a youngster, and took up speedskating when she was a junior in high school. The 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver marks her third Olympiad, and I’m sure she is going to kick some butt. Allison is 5’4″ tall, and she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Penn State, with an MBA from NY Institute of Technology. The best thing about sexy female skaters are their legs. I’ve tried to demonstrate just what I mean by these pics. Let me know if you approve!

Allison Baver Pic 1Allison Baver Pic 2Allison Baver Pic 3