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Cara Christensen

After giving birth to her second child, Cara Christensen had a problem. She had gained 60 lbs during the pregnancy, and had to immediately begin losing weight. She enlisted the help of a personal trainer, drastically changed her eating habits, and began training in earnest. Her plan was to enter a fitness competition only seven […]

Noora Kuusivuori

Originally from Finland, 31 year old Noora Kuusivuori is now residing in Colorado. Growing up, she played baseball and was a swimmer. She was talented, ending up at the world championship level. She was also involved in volleyball, track and field, and jazz danzing. She started weight training at the age of 14 as a […]

Brittany Beede

We took a look at Brittany Beede a couple of years ago- back in 2010 in fact. Yes, she is the WWE girl who was trained by MMA giant Brock Lesnar. What a crazy body this beauty has. She is 5’3 and about 115 lbs soaking wet, so she is fairly petite. But as you […]

Amber Day

When Amber Day flashes those pearly whites, you realize she has not only spent some time sculpting her body, she also spends some time on those teeth. After all, Amber graduated from college with a degree in dental hygiene. Amber is 27, and she is very much a very mainstream fitness model. She is a […]

Samantha Kelly Reloaded

We took a look at Samantha Kelly back in 2008, so clearly it’s time to revisit the subject! Samantha is an easy girl to profile, since she’s always out there promoting herself, contributing new photos and videos, and staying in great shape. She is 31 years old, and currently lives in Los Angeles California. She’s […]

Erica Cruikshank

Hailing from Maryland, Eric Cruikshank grew up around DC and is a popular fitness model in the northeast. She learned how to walk on her hands when she was four years old, and quite a bit of gymnastics training ensued. She was very competitive until she hurt her knee. At that point, she relegated herself […]

Kitchie Laurico

Kitchie Laurico was on the scene 15 years ago, but has since dropped into oblivion. She posed in Playboy at one point, and was the playboy equivalent of a fitness goddess. She was on a number of bodybuilding magazine covers, and then showed up at a few conventions and car shows before she retired or […]

Catherine Holland Videos

Okay, well it has taken us long enough… sorry for the delay. Better later than never, right? Here are four brief videos of goddess Catherine Holland. In this video clip, Catherine Holland is topless and has a red scarf hiding her chest. She turns this way and that, posing in front of a mirror. She […]

Heather Dees

Heather Dees recently won 4th place in the Europa Super Show. She was born in 1983 and lives in Salt Lake City UT. Heather was athletic and active as a kid, but nothing out of the ordinary. None of the sports she tried really struck a cord until she found figure competitions. She met a […]

Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders

We should start the year off on the right foot by doing an in-depth study of everybody’s favorite NFL Cheerleaders – the Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders. They are known as the Topcats, and they always cheer at the Bank of America Stadium when the Panthers play. There are 25 ladies, and they range in age from […]