4 Gorgeous Crossfitters [check these ladies out!]

Danielle Brandon
Danielle is a Crossfit Games athlete as well as a coach. Her Instagram is
She currently has around 72k followers. It sounds like she attended college on a scholarship for pole vaulting. She is an incredible athlete. Maybe some of that is genetics – her parents were Olympians. She finished 20th in the 2020 Crossfit Games, and took 11th place in 2019. She is 24 years old, and stunningly gorgeous. This girl could model. And her body looks like it belongs to a greek goddess.

Alexis Raptis
Alexis is another young xfit competitor. She is 21 years old, 5’5″ tall, and weighs around 138 lbs. She lives in the Salt Lake City area. She was ranked 104th in the US this year. She has 14k followers on her instagram channel. She got into Crossfit a few years ago after suffering some injuries in gymnastics. She was also dealing with some back problems a few years ago, but hopefully she can stay healthy and competitive.

Steph Chung
Stephanie is a very popular Crossfitter who has steadily improved her ranking over the years. At 28 years old, she has gone from 130th a few years ago to 46th this year. She is 5’5″ and weighs around 150 lbs. She’s built up quite a following on instagram, with 166k fans:
Steph’s father is Taiwanese, and her parents enrolled her at an early age in gymnastics to help use up some of her excess energy. Like many girls in gymnastics, she suffered some injuries. This gal has a lot of personality, and she is driven to enjoy herself while competing.

Zummer Pagan
Zummer is a tiny little stick of dynamite. She weighs around 135 lbs, and stands only 5′ tall. She is 26 years old. I couldn’t find any recent competition stats, and her US/worldwide rank isn’t really relevant for that reason. She is from Puerto Rico. She has around 60k fans on her instagram account
She has an addictive smile!

Amanda Barnhart Crossfit Athlete

Amanda Barnhart white shortsAmanada Barnhart has been in Crossfit for a few years now. I see competitive results for her going back to 2014.

Her profiles list her as 5’7″ tall and 151 lbs. She is currently 26 years old. She works as a physical therapist.

She has around 21k followers on her Instagram account these days:

Amanda Barnhart muscular armsShe has what may be the world’s crappiest youtube channel, and I will only link to it reluctantly:

Amanda has been athletic all her life. As a child, she practiced gymnastics. In high school, she swam, played volleyball, and ran track. When she went to college, she swam for a D1 school.

Amanda Barnhart celebratingWhen preparing for a contest, Amanda does quite a bit of volume, which is not unusual for Crossfit athletes who oftentimes compete for the title “fittest on earth”. She loves heavy cleans. Her maxes are listed as:
squat 315 lb
clean and jerk 230 lb
deadlift 390 lb
snatch 195 lb

Amanda Barnhart absI don’t know many guys who can deadlift 400 lbs, much less women. Amanda is definitely strong. At such a young age, she had incredible potential if she can minimize her injuries.

Unfortunately, with Crossfit, it really is “mimimize”. It’s a sport notorious for injuries. It’s less a question of if you’re going to get injured, and more about when. I guess you can say that for any top-level sport and athlete.

sexy Amanda BarnhartLately I’ve heard that Amanda has been training with some of the sport’s greatest, including Brooke Wells, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Ehea Schuerch. I would think that will pay positive dividends in her performance.

Amanda was married a couple of years ago to Wesley Barnhart. I think they both currently live in the Ohio area.

Amanda Barnhart quads

Kayli Ann Phillips

Kayli Ann Phillips sports braKayli Ann Phillips is famous cross-fit gal.

She is less popular than some of the others I have been profiling, which is really difficult to understand. She is insanely gorgeous, and has an amazing body.

Kayli is twenty-seven years old and she lives in Northern California (San Francisco to be exact). She is 5’9″ tall, and weighs around 135 lbs.

Kayli “only” has 276k followers (currently) on her Instagram account:
I’m sure that will change and escalate quickly.

Kayli tends to set her camera down and then do her workouts in full view. She typically does this while wearing a tight sports bra and tiny booty shorts. As you can expect, this gets a lot of attention!

This girl really hustles. She works out several times a week, and always seems to video it. It takes awhile to edit and post video clips, and she seems dedicated enough to keep doing it. It will be interesting to see where her career goes, and how her fanbase grows as well.

Kayli Ann Phillips fitness modelShe claims that she had no athletic background before getting into crossfit. That’s hard to believe considering her body.

Believe it or not, a Kayli Ann Phillips bio or interview is very difficult to find. We will see what we can scrounge up!

One of her favorite workouts is the Murph, which she says goes like this:
Run 1 mile
Do 100 pullups
200 pushups
300 bodyweight squats
Run 1 mile
So she times how long it takes to do this entire set of exercises, and compares that to other crossfitters. That is a really intense workout. I don’t know anybody (male or female) who can do 200 pushups. And to do 100 pullups would take most people at least 10 or 15 sets, with a few minutes inbetween each set. I think this certainly qualifies her to be a true FitBabe 🙂

Kayli Ann Phillips flexesKayli Ann Phillips absKayli Ann Phillips hot pink shortsKayli Ann Phillips arm strengthKayli Ann Phillips candidKayli Ann Phillips cleavage

Christmas Abbott

Although we may have already crowned Ashley Kaltwasser as the fitbabe queen of Instagram, another notable sensation is Ms Christmas Abbott.

Although Christmas has “only” 387k followers these days, she is a gigantic Crossfit star. She owns her own crossfit gym in Raleigh. She’s been in the game 8 or 10 years, and it has hardened her body and boosted her strength to an amazing level.

She worked in Iraq as a civilization contractor, leaving college without a degree so that she could go. She is now a Nascar pitcrew member changing tires. She is thirty-five years old, and weighs around 120 lbs. She is known for eating the same thing every day – eggs, peanut butter, and an apple. Her parents named her Christmas because she was born on December 20th, close enough to the holiday to make it count.

Christmas went through some tough times as a young girl, and considered herself angry. She smoked and drank and abused her body. Then one day, I think while she was in Iraq, she had an epiphany and turned her life around. She has been on an intense fitness track ever since. In addition to her signature breakfast, she generally weighs and Continue reading “Christmas Abbott”

Brooke Ence

I recently ran across Brook Ence (aka Brooke Holladay) and was spellbound by her beauty, her body, and her personality. She’s already a big star in the Cross-Fit world, and I have no doubt she’ll continue on into more mainstream activities.

She is 25 years old, 5’7″ tall, and weighs around 150 lbs. As you can see from this video, it’s solid muscle. She was a National Figure Competitor for awhile, so it’s hard to say how much of that body she built with traditional bodybuilding work, and how much was built with crossfit workouts. She started out by taking 1st place in the Utah Open in 2008. I see she placed 16th in the 2010 NPC USA Nationals. Brooke lives in Santa Cruz, CA and is a full-time coach.

She actually went to college in Utah as a dance major, so clearly she has been active and athletic her whole life. That blonde hair and unique face suggest some European roots. She claims that she always gained muscle easily, even as a young girl. If we could all be that lucky!