Jamey Peters

It’s hard to say enough or to get enough of Jamey Peters. Moving from women’s bodybuilding to women’s figure, the distinction is a tough one. Figure was really created to capture the feminine muscularity that some say women’s bodybuilder’s lack as they bulk up and become more vascular. Jamey really epitomizes the women’s figure champion bloodline.

Jamey is able to present a ripped, muscular physique, while striking just the right balance between size, muscularity, and femininity. She is 27 years old, stands 5’4″ tall, and weighs around 128 lbs in the off-season. Jamey is from Washington state. She was into powerlifting for awhile before she started competing in figure, so it’s hard to believe her long lean, feminine muscles.

Tanji Johnson has historically helped Jamey prep for contests, and the results seem to speak for themselves. She won her class as well as the overall title in the 2011 NPC Northwestern Championships. She then placed 3rd in the NPC Emerald Cup, and took an incredible 1st place in the 2012 NPC Los Angeles Championships.

With the athletic background, the know-how to get the training and the diet just right, the genetics that help propel her to greatness, and the support she has from people who are in the know, we are expecting many great things out of Jamey Peters!

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Jill Rudison

Jill Rudison grew up in Miami Florida. She was always athletic as a kid, playing softball, participating in gymnastics, and even dance classes. She began lifting weights as a part of a high school class. She began to get more serious about her diet and taking care of her body, which accelerated the results she got from her training.

She spends a lot of time coaching and training others in the fitness lifestyle. She says most people just want to take a pill and look great, they are very reluctant to invest the kind of time and effort into training and diet that it takes to see incredible results like hers.

Although there have been a few absences – one that spans almost four years, Jill has competed in tons of shows. She has an outstanding record that goes to show how hard she works in the on and the off-season, and how consistently she makes improvements.

2011 NPC USA’s – Women’s Physique – Class B – 3rd Place
2011 NPC Orange County Classic – Figure – Class E – 3rd Place
2011 NPC MuscleContest Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, & Bikini Championships – Figure – Class E – 4th Place
2010 NPC USA Championships – Figure – Class E – 16th Place
2010 Muscle Beach International Classic Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Competition – Open Figure – Overall Winner
2010 Muscle Beach International Classic Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Competition – Open Figure – Class E – 1st Place
2010 Muscle Beach International Classic Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Competition – Novice Figure – Figure – Class E – 2nd Place
2010 NPC California State Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships – Figure – Class E – 3rd Place
2009 NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding & Figure Championships – Figure – Class E – 9th Place
2009 Muscle Beach International Classic – Novice Figure – Class E – 1st Place
2009 NPC California State Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Championships – Figure – Class E – 4th Place
2008 NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding & Figure Championships – Figure – Class E – 8th
2004 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Fitness & Figure Championships – Figure – Class E – 8th Place
2004 Gina Ostarly Competition – Figure – Class E – 4tth Place
2003 NPC Diamond Anniversary Body Building Fitness & Figure Competition – Figure – Tall 2nd Place
2003 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Fitness & Figure Competition – Figure – Class E – 9th Place

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Swann Cardot

In addition to an unforgettable name, Swann Cardot is known for an amazing body. She started out as a dancer in Paris, then moved to Belgium. She trained in jazz, latin, contemporary, and ballet. You should go ahead and stipulate that she knows more about dancing than 99% of the rest of the general population.

Over the course of studying dance for several years, and doing her best to keep her body fit and healthy, Swann was drawn into women’s bodybuilding and fitness. She is now a figure competitor, and a personal trainer. And of course, once a dancer always a dancer.

Swann took 1st place in the 2011 NPC Bev Fancis Atlantic States. She followed that up with a 1st place finish in thte 2011 NPC Europa Battle of Champions. Not to be outdone, she then won first in the 2011 NPC East Coast. Then 1st in the 2011 NPC Eastern USA. Finally she “faltered” if you want to call it that, by placing 3rd in the 2012 Arnold Amateur. more Swann Cardot

Monique Gantt

Monique Gantt is a very exotic fitness model and competitor from New Orleans. Although she grew up in the States, English was her second language. With four brothers and sisters, Monique always had somebody to romp around and play with as a child. Even now she gets along wonderfully with her siblings. She was always very athletic and involved herself in sports and dancing. She began working at a gym in high school. That’s where she was introduced to working out and lifting weights. She fell in love with it then, and has practiced that type of lifestyle ever since.

Monique is 5’6″ tall and weighs about 135 lbs. She is only 22 years old. As you’ll see in these photos, Monique is capable of completely transforming her physique when she competes. It’s not that she looks soft or bad when she’s not contest-ready. In fact she looks great. But the difference between her off-season and on-season look is dramatic. Those abs of hers are just striking when she walks across the stage. more Monique Gantt

Carla Sizemore

Carla Sizemore really exemplifies some of the great attitudes and constructive efforts in women’s fitness. Carla is 5’4″ tall and weighs about 114 lbs. Her measurements are 34B-24-33. She grew up in Indiana, but currently lives with her son in Texas.

Carla has been active and striving for fitness as far back as she can remember. She didn’t know much about women’s figure competitions until she was in her 30’s. She has always placed a lot of emphasis on nutrition and attitude.

Carla’s competitions started in 2009. Her track record so far:
2009 NPC Europa – 8th
2010 NPC National Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships – 10th
2010 NPC Junior USA Championships – 2nd
2010 NPC Europa Super Show – 1st
2010 NPC Capital of Texas – 1st
2011 NPC National Championships – 4th
2011 NPC San Francisco Championships – 1st more Carla Sizemore

Laura Trott

We are still sort of “stuck” on the Olympics. It’s hard not to be terribly excited about all the athletes who are about to fulfill their dreams this summer. Laura Trott is one of them.

Laura is a British cyclist. Although she is only 19 years old, she has been biking since she was very young. She doesn’t really do sprints, she is mainly an endurance rider. She won the Women’s Omnium in the 2012 World Championships. And she won the 2011 and the 2012 UCI Team Pursuit.

Laura admits that distance cycling can be painful. Ignoring the potential for crashes and pile-ups, the lactic acid burn is enough to drive mere mortals to tears. But she just laughs it off, saying that she enjoys the burn, and embraces the pain.

She has an unusual stomach condition with the acid in her stomach that generally forces her to vomit pretty much every time she trains hard or races. She also dealt with asthma as a child, and a lung problem as a baby. Difficulty is just something to overcome when you are an Olympic caliber athlete. more Laura Trott

Lori Jones

Lori Jones (aka LoLo Jones) is getting quite a bit of publicity these days. She was just on the cover of Oxygen and she is getting geared up for the 2012 Olympic Games. LoLo is a 60 meter hurdle champion. She had a bit of a hiccup in her 2008 bid to win the Olympic gold, but plans on firing on all cylinders this year.

She is only 29 years old. She stands 5’9″ tall, and weighs 130 lbs. She trains extremely hard – usually several hours a day, 5-6 days per week. It’s astounding that her body can recover quickly enough to keep injuries and overtraining at bay. She helps it by making sure she gets enough rest and feeding it with the proper nutrition. LoLo was born in Iowa, but currently lives in Louisiana. She graduated from Louisiana State University in 2005.

On of the reasons she is so popular is because of her accessibility via Twitter. As of today, she has 159,974 followers. That is incredible. Her posts are frequently witty and entertaining, no wonder so many people love to follow her and keep up with her latest antics. Yesterday she mentioned her coach instructed her to do a pool workout. So she traipsed over to the pool and did some pushups. Her reasoning? She doesn’t want to mess up her hair! Most would recognize this as a big joke considering her commitment to winning and her willingness to do whatever it takes to get her body in perfect shape for the Olympics. more Lori Jones

Fitness Modeling Opportunity in LA

We have been approached by a reputable company about a fitness modeling opportunity in Los Angeles. Although we are pretty plugged in to the fitbabes landscape, we don’t have anybody on our list who lives in that area. If you think you qualify, and you are interested, feel free to contact us. Please no agents, moms, or friends of a friend. Thanks

Nicole Moneer Guerrero

Nicole Moneer Guerrero is no flash in the pan. She’s been out there pumping up the fitness model industry for years. She is 39 years old now, and looks as good as many of the 20-somethings she is competing with for magazine covers. She has been on the front of Musclemag, Oxygen, Flex, Fitness RX, etc. She focused mainly on the modeling gigs for awhile, and didn’t actually earn her IFBB Pro card until 2010.

She is a certified trainer, and also holds a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising from Iowa State University. Nicole lives in the Chicago area, and was on the cheerleading squad of the Chicago Bulls back in the 1993-1994 timeframe when they were the hottest ticket around. It’s not unusual for her to be seen or heard on Chicago-area television or radio shows. more Nicole Moneer Guerrero

Nadine Baker

Nadine Baker is a 37 year old fitness model hailing from upstate New York. She currently lives in the Indianapolis area. She is 5’3″ tall, weighs just under 120 lbs, and her measurements are 32D-22-34. Nadine is educated – she earned a BS in biology.

I think she competed in figure competitions in the 2005-2008 timeframe. She placed 16th in the 2005 NPC Jr. Nationals. She also took 1st place in 2008 in the Northern Kentucky, 12th place in the 2006 Arnold Classic.

Nadine has one of those physiques that transcends the fitness modeling and competition world. She can be the “average jane”, not looking overly muscular or particularly athletic more Nadine Baker