2016 Elite Muscle Classic Results

Here are the result from the 2016 Elite Muscle Classic November 5, 2016

Women’s Open Bodybuilding
Chareece Johnson 1st
Mary Welch 2nd

Women’s Open Figure D Class
Regina Monroe 1st
Arlene Mitchell 2nd
Darlene Mitchell 3rd
Hayley Laine Fisher 4th
Rachel Cook 5th
Aleia Huffman 6th

Master Women Physique (+35) Class 1
Michelle Jones 1st
Darcey Cupp 2nd
Jennifer Kennedy 3rd
Kelly Akerman 4th

Open Women’s Physique Class A
Mary DiTrolio 1st
Kim Watson-Pitts 2nd
Michelle Jones 3rd
Darcy Cupp 4th
Jennifer Kennedy 5th

Open Bikini Class A
1st Carolina Collazes
2nd Danielle Stallings
3rd Cheaslie Weathers
4th Julia Venessa Fores
5th Maria Shaw
6th Niki Keziah

Ashley Horner

Ashley Horner was an active child and teenager. She was inspired by her mother to play sports like soccer and gymnastics, and to minimize junk food and soda. She gained forty-five pounds when she was pregnant with her first son, and the task of whipping herself back into shape seemed daunting. She decided she was not only going to lose that baby weight, but she was going to do her first figure competition.

Many years later, Ashley is on the cover of fitness magazines, and has a body many would die for. She works out six days a week, and she eats six meals per day. She says her favorite role models are Ava Cowan and Jennifer Nicole Lee. Ashley placed first in the NPC West Coast Classic back in June of 2011. If she has competed in 2012, it has slipped by us. She loves to bake in her spare time, which seems pretty tempting for somebody that has to stay on a fairly strict diet all the time. more Ashley Horner

Tiffany Ryan

Tiffany Ryan grew up poor in a single-parent home in a fairly small town in Arkansas. Her mother was a big influence in her life, and taught her a lot about a strong work ethic. Tiffany juggled several jobs and raised a daughter while going to college part-time to earn a degree in Education. It took her seven years – that’s a lot of determination.

She only taught 3rd grade for a short while before she realized she wanted to do something else with her life. She became a certified personal trainer, and before long began competing in figure competitions. She believes if she can do it, anybody can, and her story is a big inspiration to many ladies out there. more Tiffany Ryan

Nikki Warner Fitness Diva

We’ve profiled Nikki Warner before, but it’s time to get some fresh updates on her! She is a bodybuilder, NPC National Figure competitor, and fitness model. You can definitely consider her well-educated: Nikki has 3 college degrees. She has a PhD in Pharmacy, a BS in Dietetics, and a BA in pharmacy. She started out as a highly-ranked cross country runner. Her older brother is a professional bodybuilder. She credits her brother for getting her into the weightroom, and her father for instilling in her the discipline to be an athlete.

Nikki’s Figure competitions are numerous: more Nikki Warner

Dana Fallacara

Dana Fallacara is a New Jersey native who has been on a winning streak lately. She placed 2nd in the New York Pro Figure this year, 1st in the NPC Junior Nationals, 1st in the NPC Atlantic States this year, and 2nd in the 2007 Muscle Beach Classic. Dana has been training for about 7 years now, but her physique really makes it look like she’s been at it her whole life. She is about 32, and stands 5’1″ tall, weighing in about 110 lbs. I think she’s been seen in FHM and Maxim magazine before, so she has some mainstream appeal. more Dana

2010 New York Pro Fitness and Figure

The 2010 New York Pro Figure and Fitness competition took place a few months ago. The top 10 ladies in the Figure:
1 Cheryl Brown
2 Dana Fallacara
3 Terri Turner
4 Josie Zamora
5 Gennifer Strobo
6 Gina Trochino
7 Meriza Deguzman
8 Ann Titone
9 Marcy Porter
10 Candice John

The fitness winners were:
1 Stacy Wright (tall class)
1 Cinzia Massaro Clapp (medium class)
1 Sandra Augustin

Terri Turner

Terri Turner is probably one of the most beautiful IFFBB Figure Pros out there. She has a great physique, but her face and presence mark her as a true, talented standout when it comes to fitness models. Terri was raised in Virginia but now lives in Louisiana. She has a BS in Health Science and an MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

Terry claims she’s never been very athletic or physically talented. She gave up on field hockey and dance in middle school or high school. She describes herself as a chubby teenager. She started doing tons of cardio and eating tiny amounts. She lost weight, but didn’t look too healthy. A trainer at the YMCA convinced her to start eating healthy and lifting weights. The rest is history, and Terri has plenty of it.

Her contest history (and top 5 or top 10 finishes) reads like a very thick book. She competes about four times a year, and always does extremely well. She started in 2006 and is still kicking booty today. more Terri Turner

Shawn Hektor

Introducing the beautiful Shawn Hektor. Very unique last name, and unforgettable face and figure. With her blonde hair (usually) and blue eyes, Shawn stands 5’9″ tall and has been working as a fitness model for a long time. She has been in film, commercials, magazines (including Playboy) you name it. She competes in both figure and bikini competitions. The best placing I saw in her list of medals was 4th place in the Figure America in 2009. Shawn Hektor

Elsie Velazquez

Elsie Velazquez has been virtually everywhere this year. A roundup of her contests in 2010:
2010 IFBB North American Championships 1st
2010 IFBB North American Championships 2nd
2010 NPC Team Universe & National Fitness Championships 11th
2010 NPC Junior National Championships 10th
2010 IFBB Arnold Amateur International Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships 10th

For fun, Elsie used to play volleyball and softball in high school. When things got serious, she ran like the wind – Elsie was a track star. All this despite the fact that she is only 5 feet tall. She claims that her nerves are her biggest enemy on stage (figure competitions), and she loves to pig out on pizza and cake after a show. more Elsie