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Ashley Horner

Ashley Horner was an active child and teenager. She was inspired by her mother to play sports like soccer and gymnastics, and to minimize junk food and soda. She gained forty-five pounds when she was pregnant with her first son, and the task of whipping herself back into shape seemed daunting. She decided she was […]

Tiffany Ryan

Tiffany Ryan grew up poor in a single-parent home in a fairly small town in Arkansas. Her mother was a big influence in her life, and taught her a lot about a strong work ethic. Tiffany juggled several jobs and raised a daughter while going to college part-time to earn a degree in Education. It […]

Nikki Warner Fitness Diva

We’ve profiled Nikki Warner before, but it’s time to get some fresh updates on her! She is a bodybuilder, NPC National Figure competitor, and fitness model. You can definitely consider her well-educated: Nikki has 3 college degrees. She has a PhD in Pharmacy, a BS in Dietetics, and a BA in pharmacy. She started out […]

Abby Lindemann

Abby Lindemann is a 31 year old fitness competitor from the great state of Texas. She is dynamite – a popular fitness model who looks incredible. She is 5’4″ tall and competes at about 117 lbs. I was able to find only a few contests she’s participated in:

Dana Fallacara

Dana Fallacara is a New Jersey native who has been on a winning streak lately. She placed 2nd in the New York Pro Figure this year, 1st in the NPC Junior Nationals, 1st in the NPC Atlantic States this year, and 2nd in the 2007 Muscle Beach Classic. Dana has been training for about 7 […]

2010 New York Pro Fitness and Figure

The 2010 New York Pro Figure and Fitness competition took place a few months ago. The top 10 ladies in the Figure: 1 Cheryl Brown 2 Dana Fallacara 3 Terri Turner 4 Josie Zamora 5 Gennifer Strobo 6 Gina Trochino 7 Meriza Deguzman 8 Ann Titone 9 Marcy Porter 10 Candice John The fitness winners […]

Terri Turner

Terri Turner is probably one of the most beautiful IFFBB Figure Pros out there. She has a great physique, but her face and presence mark her as a true, talented standout when it comes to fitness models. Terri was raised in Virginia but now lives in Louisiana. She has a BS in Health Science and […]

Shawn Hektor

Introducing the beautiful Shawn Hektor. Very unique last name, and unforgettable face and figure. With her blonde hair (usually) and blue eyes, Shawn stands 5’9″ tall and has been working as a fitness model for a long time. She has been in film, commercials, magazines (including Playboy) you name it. She competes in both figure […]

Elsie Velazquez

Elsie Velazquez has been virtually everywhere this year. A roundup of her contests in 2010: 2010 IFBB North American Championships 1st 2010 IFBB North American Championships 2nd 2010 NPC Team Universe & National Fitness Championships 11th 2010 NPC Junior National Championships 10th 2010 IFBB Arnold Amateur International Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships 10th For […]

Raechelle Chase

Time to polish that diamond ring up boys. It’s hard to get enough of Raechelle Chase. She may be a married mom of three, but wow look at her. She is a figure competitor and fitness model, but she has more muscle than the average competitor. She is from New Zealand, which means she probably […]