Dana Linn Bailey

One of our new favorites here at FBB is Dana Linn Bailey. She grew up a major jock, involved in as many sports as she could manage. She was a soccer star in college, but once she graduated that left a big hole in her life. If you were an avid school athlete you know how this goes. Always at some kind of practice, always headed to a game or a meet, always with some coach bellowing or cajoling. And then poof, one day it’s gone and it’s quiet and it seems like you have nothing to do. So she started going to the gym and lifting weights with her boyfriend, and that blossomed into what it is today. Dana loves lifting hard and heavy. This ain’t not girly-girl, she is out to move some weight and snarl and shout while she’s doing it. Really it’s Dana Linn’s personality — which is prominently on display any time she does interviews or videos — that keeps us coming back for more. Her body is tough as nails, and she has a cute pixie face and haircut, but it’s that personality that’s so fun and rotten and bigger than life. Dana also does some personal training, and owns a clothing company.

Dana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey picDana Linn Bailey pic

Rachelle Cannon

Rachelle Cannon (not related to Shelly Cannon) is known as the Queen of Quads. Based on the photos below, I believe you’ll find ample evidence of why the nickname has stuck. Rachelle developed those legs in part due to her mastery of Track & Field. She was also involved in competitive swimming, and many forms of dancing (tap, jazz, ballet, modern).

Her brain may be as big as her quadriceps. She has a BS in Political Science, a MS in Health and Fitness Management, and she is a certified physical fitness specialist. Rachelle spent 5 years in the US Coast Guard as a commissioned officer, and she has been working as a personal trainer for several years now. She is 36 years old, and didn’t start this competitive bodybuilding effort until 1998. more Rachelle Cannon

Julie Ann Kulla

Julie Ann Kulla is a 28 year old fitness competitor from Minneapolis Minnesota. She stands 5’2″ tall and weighs about 112 lbs when she competes. She’s been competing for about 4 years, and it shows in her arm and deltoid development. She is a personal trainer and spokesperson for Species Nutrition. Julie Ann placed 2nd in Pro debut at the 2008 IFBB New York Figure competition, which qualified her for that year’s Ms. Figure Olympia. She placed 12th in that contest. She says her favorite cheat food is chocolate, which means she’s human instead of bionic, and may have to diet a little extra if her cravings get out of control!

Muscular Babes

Now we will take a break from our regularly scheduled program and check out some photos of various muscular babes. I have not been able to identify any of these ladies, so if anybody can help me out with some names, info, links etc that would be great!

Jody Wald

Jody Wald is about one zillion pounds of muscle stuffed into a very compact package. Jody was raised in Canada, and has a degree in accounting and an MBA. She is obviously more of a true bodybuilder. She started consistently lifting back in 2002, and has been winning contests every since. In 2008, she place 1st in the North American Bodybuilding Championships in the light heavyweight category.

Jody Wald Pic 1Jody Wald Pic 2Jody Wald Pic 3

Gina Carano

Gina Carano, known as Crush on American Gladiators, is MMA’s most famous female fighter. She stands 5’8″ tall and weighs a hefty 143 lbs. Born in Texas to a father who was a player for the NFL, she played basketball, volleyball, and softball. Gina graduated from college with a degree in psychology. Although she was defeated by Cristiane Santos, Gina remains the most talked about fighter in the game… possibly because she is smoking hot.

Gina Carano Pic 1Gina Carano Pic 2Gina Carano Pic 3Gina Carano Pic 4

Allison Moyer Update

After a number of requests, we wanted to take another look at Allison Moyer. Ali is still training like a madwoman. Her knees have been hurting her lately, which is may be from abuse and overuse. She is dating someone, and seems to really be enjoying her life. She celebrated her 25th birthday April 22 by buying Lacuna Coil’s newest album and rocking out.

Allison Moyer Pic 1Allison Moyer Pic 2Allison Moyer Pic 3Allison Moyer Pic 4Allison Moyer Pic 5

Laly Saxenian

Laly Saxenian is an NPC Figure Competitor who is from Bellaire Texas. She is 33 years old. She placed 5th in the 2008 NPC Texas State Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Contest. Laly is pretty muscular for a figure gal. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that! She claims her favorite show is Desperate Housewives, she likes shopping, and (surprisingly) driving.

Laly Saxenian Pic 1Laly Saxenian Pic 2Laly Saxenian Pic 3Laly Saxenian Pic 4Laly Saxenian Pic 5

Elena Seiple

Elena Seiple is a decorated female bodybuilder who has won top placing in several NPC shows. She started out as a swimmer and became more athletic as she matured. She went through three knee surgeries as a college soccer player. She always looked up to people like Cory Everson when she first started lifting weights. Elena was born in 1973 in New Jersey.

Elena Seiple Pic 1Elena Seiple Pic 2Elena Seiple Pic 3