Rachel Cammon

Fitness chicks that have abs so ripped they are veiny are rare. Veiny sounds maybe a little extreme with a touch of gross thrown in, so let’s change that to vascular. Rachel Cammon is one fine example. I can imagine this requires a lot of discipline, a strict diet, and tons of cardio. Emphasis on “imagine”, cause my abs ain’t ripped and I ain’t a chick. Rachel is a pharmaceutical sales rep, but her passion is IFBB Pro figure competitions. She is 27 and lives in Denver. Seriously, this is a direct quote from Rachel “I can’t cook worth a damn, and really don’t mind eating canned tuna straight from teh dangerously jagged-edged tin.” That’s my kind of woman… brave, willing to take risks, not afraid to eat standing up, and a great sense of humor. Also, she’s smoking hot. Not sure if she’s married, but I’ll wait him out. After he kicks the bucket, I’ll swoop in and BAM! turn on my irresistable charm and suck my gut in and ask her if she wants to go on a jogging date.

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Mellissa Viegas – Smokin Hot

We talked about Mellissa Viegas not too long ago. She lives in Miami Florida. She stands 5’4″ tall, and weighs 125 lbs. Her measurements are 34-24-35. She is of Asian descent, but she looks more exotic and must have some interesting genes. She says she is “fun and energetic”, and she makes a living from fitness modelling.

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Debbie Kruck

Debbie Kruck is one of the “original” blonde fitness babes. She was the first ever Ms. Fitness USA. She has won a number of lifetime fitness awards. She is very active in charities, and is one of the promoters of the NPC National Wheelchair Bodybuilding Championships.

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Samantha Kelly

5’3″ 120lb Samantha Kelly packs quite a bit of muscle onto her petite frame. Those legs and buttocks look like they could crack walnuts. She is 36 years old and works as a personal trainer and fitness model. I have very little additional info on her, please post up anything you find…

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Amanda Victoria

At 5’9″ Amanda Victoria is fairly tall. She went through quite a metamorphosis in 14 weeks, turning that athletic but uninspiring body into a bronzed work of art. I think she graduated from University of Kansas, and is working mainly as a fitness model now. She took 1st overall and 1st in the tall class in the Natural Michigan Figure Show last year. Her measurements make us moan – 34DD-27-35.

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Michele Naylon

Michele Naylon is an NPC Figure Champ and mother of two. She lives and trains in Western New York. At 5’4″ tall, Michele competes in the 113-118 range, but fluctuates to 125-130 lbs off-season. She has a BS in art education and an MS in student personnnel admin. Michele is a mosaic artist, you should contact her and buy some of her work!

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Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard became one of the youngest Olympic winners in history when at the age of 14 she won not one but two silver medals plus a gold medal at the 1996 games. She also won at the 2000 Olympics, and wins the hearts of dudes daily when she scampers around in bikinis. She was born in 1981, she is 5’8″ tall, and weighs about 128 lbs. She went to the University of Arizona where she got a degree in Retail and Consumer Sciences (which I have never in my life heard of).

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Aleksandra Kobielak

From Gdansk Poland, Aleksandra Kobielak is a blonde beauty who started her fitness lifestyle in gymnastics. She won a number of competitions as a young girl. She began bodybuilding in 1997 and was accepted at that time on Polands national fitness team. She works as a fashion designer and makeup expert.

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Jenn Gates Returns

It’s been quite a few months since we featured Jenn Gates here on FitBabesBlog. She does have her own fanclub now, should you be interested in joining. She is a pediatric nurse and has been active and fit since she was young. She was actually a member of the Air Force back when she was 18. She competes in the IFBB.

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