2011 Olympia

The 2011 Olympia was held the weekend of September 15th through the 18th in Las Vegas Nevada. This was at the Orleans Hotel, and let me tell you everybody from the fitness world was there. Let’s talk results…

2011 Olympia Women’s Bodybuilding
1st Iris Kyle
2nd Yaxeni Origuen-Garcia
3rd Brigita Brezovac
4th Debi Laszewski
5th Alina Popa

2011 Olympia Figure
1st Nicole Wilkins
2nd Erin Stern
3rd Ava Cowan
4th Candice Keene
5th Teresa Anthony

2011 Olympia Fitness
1st Adela Garcia
2nd Tanji Johnson
3rd Myriam Capes
4th Tina Durkin
5th Oksana Grishina
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2010 New York Pro Fitness and Figure

The 2010 New York Pro Figure and Fitness competition took place a few months ago. The top 10 ladies in the Figure:
1 Cheryl Brown
2 Dana Fallacara
3 Terri Turner
4 Josie Zamora
5 Gennifer Strobo
6 Gina Trochino
7 Meriza Deguzman
8 Ann Titone
9 Marcy Porter
10 Candice John

The fitness winners were:
1 Stacy Wright (tall class)
1 Cinzia Massaro Clapp (medium class)
1 Sandra Augustin

Jessica Benton

A fitness model based in North Carolina, Jessica Benton is also a national level Fitness and Figure Competitor in the NPC. She stands 5’8″ and weighs about 135 lbs. As a teenager, she ran track, cheered, and took dance lessons. Jessica currently coaches competitive cheerleading.

2010 IFBB New York Pro Fitness Championships

A quick update to show the results of the 2010 IFBB New York Pro Fitness Championships. Looking through our old posts, not many of these ladies have been profiled here on FBB. We gotta get to work! Happy 4th of July everybody.

1) Tanji Johnson
Tanji presented a lot of attitude even in just the swimsuit round. Great job.
2) Trish Warren
Very feminine looking with round curves
3) Bethany Wagner
4) Tina Durkin

A tiny waist, very pretty, a good balance of lean and muscular
5) Allison Ethier
Tanji was the only gal with a better routine, Allison is drop dead gorgeous and had all the moves
6) Sylvia Tremblay
7) Kristina Rojas
8_) Kayde Puckett
9) Amy Villa-Nelson
Obviously a very talented and trained entertainer
10) Stacy McDowell

2010 Arnold Fitness International

Here are the top seven ladies from the 2010 Arnold Fitness International. Some of the routines were nuts. The looks and the athleticism this year seem to be that much better than last year’s. Something about Ohio seems to bring out the best in these girls, and the Arnold is pretty prestigious so you know the best are in the contest.

1) Adela Garcia
2) Julie Palmer
3) Tanji Johnson
4) Trish Warren
5) Oksana Grishina
6) Carmala Rodriguez
7) Tina Durkin