Volleyball Babe

Volleyball babes hold a special place in my heart. They get out in the warm sun and strut their stuff in skimpy outfits, risking rough tumbles and fast serves. I’m certainly no couch potato, but sitting out in the hot sun sweating my brains out with sand stuck in my you-know-what isn’t my idea of a sport. But when it comes to women’s volleyball, and especially when they come dressed in little teeny briefs and tight sports bras, well I’ll make an exception. In fact, the closer I can get to the action the better!

Volleyball is apparently one of the most popular sports in America, with approx 29 million people playing every year. The FIVB (Federation of International Volleyball) is supposedly the largest international federation in the world.

Beach volleyball
sort of grew up and cut its teeth in America and Brazil. It has grown too, with teams from all over the world battling fiercely to win seats on Olympic teams. Coed volleyball is a big deal too (generally only indoor), but don’t worry I’ll spare you photos of dudes in their marble pouches 🙂 vball pics

Volleyball Babes Celebrate

There is an obvious connection between the beautiful female form and the popularity of women’s volleyball. Not to take anything away from the sport – some of these women are gifted athletes with amazing coordination, speed, and stamina – but I think some of the audience is there to check out the babes. Generally long of limb, lean, and scantily dressed, this is understandable. Indoor women’s volleyball is great, but outdoor has the added benefit of bikinis and tanlines. The women, especially the outdoor athletes, seem to play off this fact with their attire and even their sponsorships.

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