Marina Brass Interview

Marina Brass Red bikiniI published an article about Marina Brass back in 2009. A few days ago, I updated with some recent info about her. At that time, I asked Marina for an interview, and she happily responded yes.

With no further adieu, our Marina Brass interview:

Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up? Have you always been athletic? What got you started in weightlifting?

I’m from Spain . I grew up in Spain, but at the age of 22 I began to travel the world by myself.

From the time I was a little girl, I always participated in different sports, but I did not begin to train in the gym until I was 21 years old.

I began lifting weights because I was working out in a gym like hip-hop teacher because I was dancer. But then one day, a bodybuilders asked me … do you compete in Fitness? And my face was like whatttt?

I had never lifted weights in my life. I had never trained in gym that way. He was surprised about my shape. So then he began to train me and I began following a diet and with only 6 months of training, I went to my first competition and I won!!! First place !!! Wow !!

So then I began to compete like this. My body changed so fast when I changed my diet because before I began to train, my diet was pizzas, burgers and chocolate!!! I had never had healthy!!! Crazy!!! So from 21 years old on, I changed the way I ate and now 10 years later, I’m still eating healthy.


age 31
height 1.57 m
weight 59 kg
measurements 100- 69 – 95 ( cm )

Tell us about your tattoos…

When I was 22 years old I went to LA , CA, and when I arrived I had only 1 small tattoo. But then …. since I was living in Los Angeles, I began to tattoo my body. All of my tattoos are for a reason. I have a tattoo on my neck, LOS ANGELES, because LA changed my life and the way I live my life. And then also I traveled to Thailand and I tattooed there, and China … I used to travel alone, so I tattooed in different places all around the world .

How many days a week do you train? What kind of exercises do you do? Cardio program?

I use to train 5 to 6 days a week. Now I train with little weight, but I always train my booty with weights because I love this. I try do cardio in the morning before I take my son to the school.

What’s your diet like? Are you strict or easy? Macros and calories? Favorite meals or cheat meals?

If I’m honest, I always try to eat correctly, but I do not do crazy hard dieting like when I was in competition. My favorite meal ….I think carrot cake, or whatever cake, I love all cakes hahaha!

Favorite supplements?

My cappuccino protein, mmmm I love it.

Do you have any goals you want to tell us about?

Now my goal is to get in my best shape from the last 5 years. So…. are you ready? Hahaha

Where do you get your drive? What motivates you?

My motivation in my life is my son. But for training, I do not need motivation from anything because I love to train, it is my moment in each day.

Favorite movies? Songs?

Pretty woman. Hahaha. I know is old movie but I cry every time I watch this. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, I always cry. And in the end, I am always so excited and singing…. pretty woman lalala ….hahaha. Music: I love LIL WAYNE!

Most and least favorite bodyparts to train?

I do not like training triceps and I love training legs and my big booty, hahaha

Married, single, pets, hobbies?

I’m a single mum, divorced and I have boyfriend. I have few cats, I love animals – I think they are better that the persons.

How are your injuries lately?

I never had injuries in my life. Ok my back have millions nudes hahaha but nothing important.

What’s the hardest part about fitness modeling?

The jealous people around, but I always run away from negative people.

What is the most enjoyable part about fitness modeling?

I love my job , I love this industry.

Are there other female fitness models or competitors that you admire?

I admire every girl that goes on the stage , I admire and I respect them.

How about males?

I respect a lot my boyfriend so I do not have eyes for other men.

Of all the places you have traveled, where was your favorite?

I think Republica Dominic, I feel so relaxed there. I love hearing my favorite music, Romeo Santos , and tanning and relaxing.

Do you typically diet for a photo shoot, or tend to stay fairly lean all the time?

Yes !! Always when I have photoshoots, I do a harder diet for 1 week. And also this day I take off the water in my body.

Marina’s native language is not English, so if there were any inaccuracies or grammatical errors I should certainly take the blame for those, rather than her.

It definitely sounds like Marina loves her job. And apparently she does tons of traveling, all over the globe, as a part of being a fitness model. She promises us that she is going to get in the best shape she has been in for five years, so I’m sure all of us will enjoy seeing what she looks like then. If she looks this great now, wait until she tries even harder!

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A video of Marina at a photoshoot:

Jen Selter

Jen Selter beach buttLike a handful of the other Instagram sensations I’ve covered here in the last month or two, Jen Selter is a social media phenom.

She currently has 10.4 million followers on her IG account:

She is only 23 years old, so imagine what she can do with her body, her popularity, and her career given another 5 or 10 years. I found an article in the NYPost from 2014 (Ref) that said she had 1.3 million followers. So between 2014 and 2017, she gained 9.1M fans, or about 3M per year, or more than 8k people per day.

Jen was born in New York, and grew up with a sister named Stephanie. Both her sister and her mom make frequent appearances in her IG photos. They certainly seem to make fitness a family affair.

She has been in demand as a fitness model over the years. She has been featured in several magazines, including Muscle & Fitness, FHM, and Maxim.

Jen is very pretty, and has great abs. But what seems to have really blown up her popularity is her butt. Wow does this slim, fit girl have a backside! There’s this hashtag called “seltering” where folks go around popping their butts out and snapping photos. Unfortunately, it’s usually not as good as the original.

Jenn and Steph SelterAnd she’s no dummy, she features those glutes quite frequently in her photos. Many of our FitBabesBlog fans, both male and female, love looking at photos so I have of course included a few here 🙂

Jen is about 5’6″ tall and weighs around 119 lbs. She makes plenty of money as a spokesperson for several companies, runs her own fitness company, and claims to own quite possibly the world’s largest collection of yoga pants.

She is known for climbing around like a spider-monkey, spanning hallways or handrails and wiggling back and forth without touching the ground. She’s certainly entitled to wear athletic wear and yoga pants when she’s doing something like that…

Jenn Selter and her momJen Selter's absJen Selter wearing a thong