2020 Arnold Classic Bikini Fitness and Figure Results

The contest was held on March 6, 2020. But it was unusual this year. They cancelled the expo and held the contest without any fans due to concerns about the Corona Virus.

Bikini International Results
1st – Elisa Pecini
2nd – Angelica Teixeira
3rd – Janet Layug
4th – Priscila Leimbacher
5th – Etila Santiago Santos
6th – Jennifer Ronzitti
7th – Beatriz Biscaia
8th – Romina Basualdo
9th – Marcia Goncalves
10th – Camille Periat

Fitness International Results
1st – Missy Truscott
2nd – Ariel Khadr
3rd – Tiffany Chandler
4th – Derina Wilson
5th – Darrian Borello
6th – Marta Aguiar
7th – Sara Kovach
8th – Kate Errington
9th – Katie Mitchell
10th – Jenny Worth

Figure International Results
1st – Natalia Soltero
2nd – Bojana Vasiljevic
3rd – Jessica Reyes Padilla
4th – Ashley Soto
5th – Anna Banks
6th – Lola Montez
7th – Tarryn Garlington
8th – Rhea Gayle
9th – Tiffani Lapoint
10th – Ericka Morales Morgan


2020 IFBB Musclecontest Japan Pro Bikini Results

The 2020 IFBB MuscleContest Japan Pro Bikini event was held on February 11, 2020 in Tokyo Japan.

Here are the results…
1st place: Nittaya Kongthun
2nd place: Beatriz Biscala
3rd place: Ana Paula Baggio
4th place: Svetlana Elina
5th place: Francesca Stoico
6th place: Shanae DiCicco
7th place: Geri Lara Berger
8th place: Bitna Lee
9th place: YingYing Chen

Beatriz Biscala video:

Ana Paula Baggio video:

Francesca Stoico video:

Shanae DiCicco video:

Geri Lara Berger video:

2012 Sacramento Pro Bikini

The 2012 Sacramento Pro Bikini contest was held on November 3rd this year.

1st Place Amanda Latona
Sacramento has definitely become a favorite stomping grounds for Amanda Latona. This was the third straight time she has one the event. It started in 2010, so she’s the only lady who has ever one it. Amanda has been on a winning streak lately, and it’s clear she’s taking the sport seriously right now.
Amanda Latona Pic 1Amanda Latona Pic 2

2nd Place Tawna Eubanks
This was Tawna Eubanks’s first year as a pro. The fact that that she placed 3rd at the Houston Pro and 2nd in Sacramento is impressive, and bodes well for her future in Pro Bikini and Fitness.
Tawna Eubanks Pic 1Tawna Eubanks pic 2 more Sacramento Pro results