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Kristen Gomes

Kristen Gomes is a sultry beauty who knows how to pose on and off the stage. Check out that amazing body. Women with big biceps are a thrill!

Laurie Dickson – MILF

She my be 40 years old, but Laurie Dickson is hotter than many young ladies half her age.

Priscilla Barrera

Priscilla Barrera is a gorgeous brunette fitness competitor from Texas. If you have any more info on Priscilla, please contact me.

Neely Tartaglia

Neely Tartaglia is a beautiful blonde who stands 5’4″, weighs 115 lbs in contest shape, and lives in Portland Oregon.


Her name is Sarah, and I don’t know much more than that. She is very sexy, with perfect skin and a megawatt smile.