Andrea Swanson

When it comes to fitness, Andrea Swanson seems to do it all. She is a very popular NPC figure competitor, a middle-weight bodybuilder, and obviously a fitness model. The black and white photos below are fantastic – very vivid and striking. We’re partial to great photography, and beautiful fitness models like Andrea make it seem easy.

Andrea is 5’5″ tall. She typically diets down to the low 120’s for bodybuilding contests, and shoots for the high 120’s for figure competitions. Her off-season weight is in the 140’s. Andrea has some crazy muscle pretty much everywhere – legs, arms, shoulders, abs – but let’s face it, she’s best known for those glutes. Not just anybody can sprout glutes like those, I would love to know her background… maybe she was in track and field? more Andrea Swanson

Victoria Larvie

Victoria Larvie has some pretty good genetics. When we say that about people, that doesn’t discount the amount of hard work they have to put into their fitness success, it’s just a way to help explain their above average results. Considering Victoria’s dad was heavily into bodybuilding, and she grew up being advised by the likes of Lee Haney and Debbie Kruck, you might say she had a bit of a head start on everybody else.

She started out in gymnastics at a young age, and as a teen transitioned into fitness competitions. She was close to earning a spot in the 2008 Olympics, but she did end up earning her pro card in 2009. more Victoria Larvie

Teresa Anthony

Teresa Anthony has been athletic her whole life, but she says she started avidly lifting weights in 1999. She was All Amercian in softball and volleyball. She has always been an ectomorph, and she still finds it very difficult to add and maintain muscle mass.

Although Teresa works for Nasa, she has a Master’s in Management with a Bachelor’s in counseling. She has been on a winning streak since 2004. more Teresa Anthony

Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson was recently on the cover of Oxygen Magazine, a sure way to get a whole bunch of attention. I don’t know why all these photographers keep snapping photos of Heather with her head turned or facing the camera and then desaturate the pics to zap all the color – she has the most incredible color of blue-green eyes ever. Yes, she really is that pretty and no, you cannot touch her tummy.

She had a good year back in 2007. She won 1st place in a Canadian Fitness Model contest, achieved her pro card as a bikini model by placing first in a competition, and won the David Ford National Fitness Model Search. more Heather Robertson

Davana Medina

A handful of “in the know” people have written us saying we’re stark raving lunatics to have thus far failed to profile Davana Medina. Davana is an enormously successful figure competitor who won the first three Figure Olympia titles she competed in.

Davana is of Puerto Rican heritage, and was born there in 1974. She is 5’7″ and typically competes around 130 lbs of solid and ripped muscle. more Davana Medina

Leigh Lingham

Leigh Lingham, aka Leigh Brandt, is an IFBB Bikini Pro from Canada. She grew up with two older brothers who tended to keep her interested in sports and very active. She felt like she was getting out of shape after graduating and starting a full time job, so she began pursuing fitness training and fitness competitions.

Leigh struggled in figure contests for a few years – she was fit and looked it, but she just didn’t have the muscle bulk and definition she needed to win. That was before the NPC introduced a new bikini category. Not long after she started there, she has a Pro card and has never looked back.

She is 5’4″ tall, 110 lbs, and measures more Leigh Lingham

Amanda Duncan

Congratulations, it’s your day to enjoy the beauty of Amanda Duncan here on FitBabesBlog. If you were thinking she looks hot enough to be a fitter-than-usual playboy playmate, you are entirely missing the fact that she’s an NPC bikini competitor.

She started out as a hair and makeup artist in Vegas, doing bikini shows for extra cash (you can bet she won her fair share). It wasn’t long before she was spotted by the big boys, and went on to star in 7 different playboy magazines. more Amanda Duncan

Ingrid Roldan

You are going to have an easy time understanding why everybody likes Ingrid Roldan. It’s because of that insanely hot body of hers, and the crystal white smile. Like many athletes, Ingrid’s motto is “no pain, no gain.” She may temper her lust for the burn after a few injuries, goodness knows it happens to many of us, but she’s 38 and still hits the weights and the cardio as hard as any other competitor.

Ingrid was heavily into aerobics and aerobic competitions until she suffered a meniscus injury in 2001 that prompted her to start lifting weights. more Ingrid Roldan