Lori Jones

Lori Jones (aka LoLo Jones) is getting quite a bit of publicity these days. She was just on the cover of Oxygen and she is getting geared up for the 2012 Olympic Games. LoLo is a 60 meter hurdle champion. She had a bit of a hiccup in her 2008 bid to win the Olympic gold, but plans on firing on all cylinders this year.

She is only 29 years old. She stands 5’9″ tall, and weighs 130 lbs. She trains extremely hard – usually several hours a day, 5-6 days per week. It’s astounding that her body can recover quickly enough to keep injuries and overtraining at bay. She helps it by making sure she gets enough rest and feeding it with the proper nutrition. LoLo was born in Iowa, but currently lives in Louisiana. She graduated from Louisiana State University in 2005.

On of the reasons she is so popular is because of her accessibility via Twitter. As of today, she has 159,974 followers. That is incredible. Her posts are frequently witty and entertaining, no wonder so many people love to follow her and keep up with her latest antics. Yesterday she mentioned her coach instructed her to do a pool workout. So she traipsed over to the pool and did some pushups. Her reasoning? She doesn’t want to mess up her hair! Most would recognize this as a big joke considering her commitment to winning and her willingness to do whatever it takes to get her body in perfect shape for the Olympics. more Lori Jones

Rachelle Cannon

Rachelle Cannon (not related to Shelly Cannon) is known as the Queen of Quads. Based on the photos below, I believe you’ll find ample evidence of why the nickname has stuck. Rachelle developed those legs in part due to her mastery of Track & Field. She was also involved in competitive swimming, and many forms of dancing (tap, jazz, ballet, modern).

Her brain may be as big as her quadriceps. She has a BS in Political Science, a MS in Health and Fitness Management, and she is a certified physical fitness specialist. Rachelle spent 5 years in the US Coast Guard as a commissioned officer, and she has been working as a personal trainer for several years now. She is 36 years old, and didn’t start this competitive bodybuilding effort until 1998. more Rachelle Cannon

Randalene Sergent

Randalene Sergent is a former track and field star from University of Georgia. No wacky comments about pole vaulters being able to handle a big stick please! She also has a gymnastics background, which always seems to help in fitness and figure competitions. That always seems to be associated with a certain level of athleticism and fitness, and generally yields a certain body type to go with it. Randalene is about 5’5″ tall and 112 lbs. She is 29 years old, and measures 33C-24-33. I think she currently lives in Vegas. She seems to do really well as a fitness model – those green eyes match up well with her blonde hair and fabulous body and complexion.

Jaime Franklin

Jaime Franklin grew up on a farm practicing a very active life. She helped out with chores on the farm, practiced competitive gymnastics, and wrestled her older brother like a fiend. In fact, even as a young girl she was so competitive she broke her arm working her brother over. She went on to drop gymnastics and concentrate on track and field in high school, successfully breaking conference records for the long jump and hurdles.

After injuring herself teaching gymnastics, she started lifting weights. Only four months after she started competing in figure contests, she won her pro card. Jaime gave up competing in 2005 to settle down and become a mom, and she currently works as a computer consultant. Of course she still trains!

Her contest history: more Jaime

College Track and Field

Some miscellaneous college track and field babes. Central Missouri is included, as well as Western Illinois, NDSU, and Kansas. You have to admire girls who go out there and push it as amateurs, meaning they don’t get paid. Maybe some of them are lucky enough to get financial aid and/or scholarships, but you can bet they are all out there for the love of the sport and the competition.