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Lori Jones

Lori Jones (aka LoLo Jones) is getting quite a bit of publicity these days. She was just on the cover of Oxygen and she is getting geared up for the 2012 Olympic Games. LoLo is a 60 meter hurdle champion. She had a bit of a hiccup in her 2008 bid to win the Olympic […]

Rachelle Cannon

Rachelle Cannon (not related to Shelly Cannon) is known as the Queen of Quads. Based on the photos below, I believe you’ll find ample evidence of why the nickname has stuck. Rachelle developed those legs in part due to her mastery of Track & Field. She was also involved in competitive swimming, and many forms […]

Randalene Sergent

Randalene Sergent is a former track and field star from University of Georgia. No wacky comments about pole vaulters being able to handle a big stick please! She also has a gymnastics background, which always seems to help in fitness and figure competitions. That always seems to be associated with a certain level of athleticism […]

The Track Babe

We’ve had tons of requests to cover more track and field babes like this popular post back in July. It’s tough to cover collegiate track and field because information on the female athletes is so scant. It’s even hard to find info on the meets and who wins or places near the top. So here’s […]

Jaime Franklin

Jaime Franklin grew up on a farm practicing a very active life. She helped out with chores on the farm, practiced competitive gymnastics, and wrestled her older brother like a fiend. In fact, even as a young girl she was so competitive she broke her arm working her brother over. She went on to drop […]

More Pole Vault

Try as I might, I’m unable to identify this young lady or her college. Once she graduates, she could become a fitness model!

Pole Vault Specialist

A few more photos of an elegant looking collegiate pole vaulter in the middle of her exercise. If you’ve never tried pole vaulting before, holy #%^! it’s hard! The rhythm and balance you need are significant, and the strength needed to haul yourself up and over the pole is nothing to sneeze at.

College Track and Field

Some miscellaneous college track and field babes. Central Missouri is included, as well as Western Illinois, NDSU, and Kansas. You have to admire girls who go out there and push it as amateurs, meaning they don’t get paid. Maybe some of them are lucky enough to get financial aid and/or scholarships, but you can bet […]